What’s the difference between Milk, White and Dark Chocolate?

We amontezumas-creamy-white-chocolate-bar-p509-851_zoomll enjoy a bit chocolate whether it’s milk, dark or white. Which is your favourite?

The last thing we want to be focusing on when we are indulging in these tasty treats is nutrition, but actually there are some beneficial health aspects found in chocolate. Just as not all chocolate has the same taste qualities, different types have different nutritional values.

Dark chocolate is the most healthy and advantageous chocolate of them all. It contains lots of the natural cocoa bean solids which enhances its rich taste and are known to help regulate cholesterol.

When compared to dark chocolate, milk chocolate has a slightly higher calorific content due to the added calcium and protein from milk and the reduced use of colindt-excellence-70-cocoa-chocolate-bar-p117-99_zoomcoa beans.

Whilst white chocolate, despite the name, isn’t actually chocolate! It doesn’t contain any cocoa solids, only cocoa butter and the fatty additive lecithin. This process deprives the white chocolate from a richer, creamier taste and leaves it with a sweeter and artificial flavour.

The nutrition contained in the chocolate may not be brilliant but we definitely know the taste is!

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