Father’s Day – One Of Our Directors Talks About His Experience

Father’s day (19th June) is fast approaching and over the last few months we have been planning and designing our delicious range.

With the two directors of the company both young Father’s there has been a heightened focus this year. Director Richard Webster spoke to us about how he looks at Father’s day.

‘Being a Father now it has made me think a little differently about Father’s Day. It’s nice receiving a little gift on the day, for me it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that has been given a bit of thought. With that in mind we offer a large range of novelties for all types of people, there are golf balls, tool kits, cigars and chocolate Swiss Army Knives. Fun little gift ideas that are all under £10. ‘


‘I’m a fan of our novelties but I realise that my taste will change over time. So we have to offer a wide range of gift ideas. Our exclusive dark chocolate Cherry liqueur box tends to really go at this time of year as well as our handmade treacle toffee box. I still think Mother’s get the best deal though (probably deserved), I think it was a weekend away last Mother’s Day!’

View or unique and exclusive range here.


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