Interview With Our Longest Serving Staff Member

Angela Davison started working for us 20 years ago on the shop floor in our Keswick store. She is now a key member of the senior management team, if there is anything that Angela doesn’t know about chocolate then it is not worth knowing.

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What is your first memory of Friars?

It was actually before I worked in the Keswick store. I was about 21 and was in the shop with my friend, we walked past a ceiling high set of shelves full of shortbread. I swear we didn’t touch it but the entire thing collapsed, my face may have gone a little red!


What is your favourite Friars product and why?

It has to be the chocolate covered peanut brittle. We have sold this for as long as I can remember. It is the most incredibly moreish thing, peanuts, milk chocolate and toffee, amazing! A mistake many people make in production is not using salted peanuts. This is vital as it gives it that ‘salted caramel twang’, which is a very popular flavour at the moment.



What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love designing products, particularly for Christmas. One of our key objectives is to rotate at least 60% of our range at any given season. It’s a big undertaking which means we start planning for Christmas in January, which might not be for everyone but I don’t mind as I just can’t get enough of Christmas.


How has the business changed over the time you have been here?

The business is unrecognizable from when I first started. We now have two shops and a rapidly growing online and corporate business. We sell a lot more ‘modern’ flavours of chocolate such as chilli & lime and peanut butter. There is also a much larger range of gifts and hampers at any given season.



How do you think the business will grow in the future?

Online is massive and will only continue to grow, it’s a bit of an unknown quantity really. I think the high street is under threat so it is vital that our stores stay current and unique. Who knows maybe another shop in the future……

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