It’s Our Ambleside Shops 1st Birthday

Our Ambleside store will be one years old as of the 1st June. Here we chat to our store manager Sam Melbourne about what has been an exciting and chaotic year.

Do you have a first memory from when you started?

Not sure I should say this but when I started the smell of chocolate when you walked into the shop was so intense it actually made me feel sick! For the first 2 weeks I was contemplating quitting as it reminded me of morning sickness, I have 4 kids and that is a feeling I thought I had left behind a long time ago. Now I can barely smell it so I’m not going anywhere!

What were your high points of the first year?

Well, I actually started as a shop assistant and I progressed to assistant manager and then to manager in the space of a year. I have learnt a lot, been very stressed but really enjoyed the challenge.


Was there anything that surprised you about Ye Olde Friars?

To be honest I didn’t realise chocolate came in so many flavours and forms. We have about 700 different products in store and over 50 loose chocolates! The flavours range from a Salted Carmel chocolate (delicious by the way) to a Creme Brulee chocolate. We also have chocolate shaped as hedgehogs, lego, cigars anything you can think of really.

And finally what is your favourite chocolate?

The Coconut truffle is my go to chocolate. Smooth white chocolate with Coconut, paradise!

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