Shhhhhh….. Whisky & Coke Sweets … and Cider Sweets

We thought we had done pretty well with the development of our delicious Prosecco Sweets and Chilli Jellies, if you haven’t tried them yet they are a must.

But our sweet developers haven’t rested on their laurels and we are about to launch our new Whisky and Coke Sweets! A hard boiled sweet made with real Scotch Whisky and beautifully combined with Coca Cola. As with all our products we have experimented with the recipe and done lots of taste test (it’s a tough job) in order to get the flavour just right.

New Sweets

But our developers didn’t stop there and just in time for summer we are launching our Cider Sweets. Made with Strongbow Cider it is a hard sweet with a brilliant apple taste and a bit of fizzy which is a delight on the pallet.

Both sweets will be available within the next month so keep your eyes peeled!


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