Pink Prosecco Truffles & Gin Sweets

Now that Easter is over it surely means it’s summer! And whilst everyone has been busy eating a wide array of chocolate bunnies, eggs and hot cross buns; here at Friars HQ we have been planning to make it an extra tasty Summer.

Chocolate dinosaurs, train sets and pirate ships are coming to jazz up our kids range. By they way…our pirate ship comes with a chocolate treasure chest and parrot! What’s not to love.

With the hot weather just around the corner (I’m sure it will happen) we will be launching our gin sweets and pink prosecco truffles. Not to be eaten at the same time, although that could work! We also have half dipped candied orange slices, liquorice roots, Italian truffle filled cigars and vegan chocolates.

It really is a very exciting time for us, so enjoy your Easter eggs and have a great summer.

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