Unusual Chocolate

We believe being different is good in life, so why not in chocolate? Whether it’s an unusual chocolate flavour or different chocolate shape we will always give it a go. Here are some of out favorite ‘different’ chocolates and we just love them.

Dark Cherry Liqueur Chocolate 

Now it’s not everyday that you a get a stalk and a cherry stone in your chocolate, but it just works. This is a chocolate with a real kick of Kirsch liqueur combined beautifully with rich dark chocolate.

Lego Brick Chocolate

Well you can make almost anything out of lego, so why not chocolate lego? A really quirky and fun idea.

Truffle Log Trio

French Cognac, Cointreau and West Indian Rum all smothered in a thick layer of rich chocolate. These are seriously big and seriously good; measuring length: 15.5cm; Height: 4cm.

Honey Crunch Chocolate

A beautiful three layered chocolate. It starts with a layer of honey followed by a layer of praline and then finished with a nut brittle layer. Each part on its own would be good, but together it really is a thing of beauty.

Tool Kit

A hammer, screwdriver, saw, spanner and pliers all made of chocolate. What would could you ask for?!

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