Christmas Sneak Peak

On writing this blog there was much discussion as to whether it was too early to bring up the C word. Well it is early but who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas. Plus we have been planning our offering since January so we are all confused!

We are really into advent calendars here and why wouldn’t we be? It’s a great excuse to consume chocolate on a daily basis and first thing in the morning. What other time of the year could you get away with that?! Our liqueur advent calendar range has grow considerably, with one of the highlights being the happy hour calendar. Our calendars for kids are also looking good, the Moo Free being a firm favorite.

Christmas and liqueurs go hand in hand. We have added French brand Abety; a liqueur which come without a sugar crust. Abety was founded in 1946 by Henry Abtey and his wife they specialize in chocolate liqueur without a sugar crust. Our own brand cherry liqueurs should again be a best seller as will our range of Asbach chocolate liqueurs.  What we are most excited about this year are our famous brand Goldkenn liqueur bars; Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Remy Martin and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey to name a few. Unusually for a liqueur they are made with milk chocolate….but it just works!

The kids haven’t been forgotten. Our three tiered Santa and Elf sweetie boxes are a real show stopped. Packed to the rafters with six different sweets and chocolate and there is even room for a teddy soft toy. A true show stopper this Christmas.

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