Luxury Vegan Chocolate

Veganism in the UK is growing rapidly from 540 000 (vegan society research) in 2016 to an estimated 3.5 million as this is being written. Vegans no longer need to compromise when it comes to luxury chocolate, as we have developed the most fabulous dairy free vegan chocolates.

Vegan Gin Chocolate Truffles

We grind the cocoa beans and then use rice and almond milk as a substitute for dairy products which gives the chocolate a delicious creaminess. Our flavours include vegan gin truffles, prosecco, peanut butter, orange, viennese, cherry, vanilla and even strawberry and champagne and having blind taste tested them there really is little difference.

Vegan Signature Chocolate Box

We also noticed a real lack of dairy free chocolates for children; particularly milk and white, because lets face it, most kids don’t like dark chocolate. So we now have a really cool selection of milk and white novelties.

Dairy Free Chocolate Dinosaurs

Dairy Free Chocolate Dogs

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