Our Celebration Of Desserts

Introducing the most recent addition to our chocolate collection…..the desserts box.

The idea came to us last year after we developed our sticky toffee pudding chocolate (amazing by the way), which left us with a total of 6 delightful dessert chocolates. So we thought lets produce a box that celebrated all things desserts.

It is fair to say it has gone down well, out of all our new chocolate boxes this has been one of the most well received among customers and even staff!

The chocolates that get the best feedback are the sticky toffee pudding which has a rich treacle and date flavour, with the Eton mess coming in a close second. Now, opinion is often divided when it comes to white chocolate as it can be viewed a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. If you are a white chocolate skeptic then we recommend that you try one, they are unbelievable.

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