Glorious Chocolate Buttons

Summer is here and for us it is all about celebrating the humble chocolate button. Now chocolate buttons are often regarded as a quick snack and pushed to one side for more complex chocolate creations.

But we think this is a crime because there is so much you can do with chocolate buttons; make hot chocolate, decorate cupcakes and our personal favourite melt and pour generously over ice cream!

We recommend the classic vanilla ice cream and let the buttons do the work. Simple milk chocolate buttons are good but our flavoured buttons really add an extra touch of deliciousness.  Choose from orange buttons, strawberry buttons, cappuccino buttons and our favourite caramel buttons. Simply heat the buttons and then drizzle over ice cream. Divine.

Here are our caramel buttons melted to make the perfect banana sundae…’s fair to say it went down pretty well at Friars HQ.

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