Ice Cream Chocolates

Summer is here and with it our ice cream chocolates – a little ray of sunshine this summer. We have launched three limited edition luxury ice cream chocolates this summer – in fruity, zesty and refreshing flavours.

We started our research for these chocolates last summer. Regular visits (too many) were made to our local ice cream parlour for inspiration. We think we have got it just right; as ever with our limited edition chocolates we only make one batch, so once they have gone, they have gone.

Remember as with all our chocolate tasters. Buy any 3 and save 10%.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookie dough surely has to be one of the best ice cream flavours. We think we have done it justice with this creamy vanilla and chocolate sensation.
Strawberry Ice Cream

Nothing quite says summer like strawberry ice cream. Our ice cream truffle takes inspiration from this fabulous summer indulgence; with creamy white chocolate beautifully combined with strawberries.
Banana Split

This fabulous banana split chocolate is our tribute to the ultimate Summer treat. Caramel, silky milk chocolate and banana, pure indulgence.

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