Give the Gift of Chocolate this Summer | Shop the Perfect Summer Treat

The summer gifting season might not strike you as an important time for giving gifts (not compared to Christmas at least) but here at Friars, we can think of plenty of great reasons to give thanks to those we love with beautiful and delicious handmade chocolates. Perhaps you have a birthday to celebrate, or an anniversary? 

Maybe you want to say thanks to a helper who has gone above and beyond for your and your family this year? No matter the occasion, chocolate really is the perfect gift to give this summer!

Chocolate Gift Boxes | Friars

We, like many others, absolutely adore receiving a box of chocolates as a gift. Despite us having access to an almost unlimited supply of our own chocolates here at Friars, we really do appreciate the thought that goes behind selecting a beautiful box of chocolates to say thank you, to say congratulations, or even just to show someone a bit of love. 

Take a look at our full range of chocolate boxes here.

Whether you want to give a box of traditional milk chocolates, or wish to branch out into some more exciting tastes and experiences, all of our Friars Chocolate Boxes are crafted with love and are designed to help you say thanks in the nicest way possible.
Our Blissfully Boozy Chocolate Box is the perfect treat for a birthday (for those who enjoy a tipple) and nothing says congratulations better than our Signature Chocolate Truffles Box which features 24 exquisite chocolate truffles, handmade by our expert team of chocolatiers.

 Chocolate Gifts for Him & Chocolate Gifts for Her | Friars

Perhaps there’s a special someone in your life to buy a gift for this summer. Is your partner, husband or wife a chocolate fanatic? We’ve got the perfect gift for them, so, whether you want to say ‘thanks’ or even tell them you love them, we’re here to help.

Check out our Chocolate Gifts for Him here.

Check out our Chocolate Gifts for Her here.

Take a look at our full range of chocolate gifts online and access some of the finest handmade chocolates available. We’ve got everything from boozy delights, to classic truffles and even some more experimental creations. No matter the occasion, there’s something for everyone. Buy your chocolate gifts online now.

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