Perfect Pairings! Try Our New Chocolate & Wine Pairings

For many, few things go hand in hand quite as well as good chocolate and a delicious bottle of wine. The combination of two of life’s best luxuries go hand in hand for a truly fascinating and decadent experience. At Friars, we have studied chocolate and wine pairings for years (we’ve tried a few in the past as well!) and are now pleased to share with you our latest creations. Friars Wines, created to be matched with our luxury chocolate selections.

Take a look at our full wine selection here, including Sparkling Wine Vegan Chocolate Truffles, Botter Prosecco and our Wine and Chocolate gift boxes.

When you purchase any chocolate from our website, you can add a paired bottle of Friars Wine to your basket from the product page, including on our best selling Signature Chocolate Truffles which go perfectly with our Friars Merlot Wine, even if we do say so ourselves! 

Wine & Chocolate | Friars

Why wine? It’s no secret that the tastes of chocolate and wine together can often combine to create an exciting and invigorating taste experience. Many of the dark notes in our truffles can be enhanced with a stunning white wine. Discover the true sweetness of chocolate orange with a bottle of Merlot! Together, wine and chocolate can be very complimentary, when paired correctly.

That’s why we have created wine specifically designed to be paired with chocolate, it’s as simple as that.

Friars Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

Our Friars Sauvignon Blanc White Wine is a delicious ripe and fruity wine with notes of Lime, Grapefruit and a suggestion of Gooseberry. Created with grapes from Chile, this is a truly stunning wine, created to be paired with our bright and flavoursome summer chocolates. It goes perfect with nutty flavours, fruity flavours and even decadent favourites like Chocolate Orange!

Friars Merlot Red Wine

Our Friars Merlot Red Wine is a stunning, smooth and mellow wine with a real plum flavour. Super ripe grapes from Chile make this wine easy to drink and has resulted in a Merlot that goes perfectly with all types of chocolate. If you love luxury, we recommend pairing this wine with some of our darker chocolate truffles, perfect for those moments where you just want to escape, even just for a moment.

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