What Makes Vegan Chocolate So Special?

Since the very start of the Friars journey, our family has always been at the forefront of innovation, crafting new and exciting chocolate for our customers to enjoy, year after year. We’re proud of our exciting and innovative collections, which is exactly why we have invested so much time crafting an artisan vegan chocolates range – stunning chocolates created with the intention of causing a little harm to nature as possible.

See the full Vegan Chocolatier collection here!

Our Vegan Chocolatier Collection

Our Vegan Chocolatier collection features a vast and growing range of vegan chocolate treats and vegan chocolate truffles, including our Lush Milk Chocolate Vegan Truffles, our Vegan Dark Side Hazelnut Truffles and our best selling Barista Cappuccino White Chocolate Vegan Truffles. 

What makes these chocolates so special is simply that they are created without using any animal products at all, without compromising on the luxury, creamy chocolate taste we all know and love. By removing the need for animal products during crafting these chocolates, we can also ensure they are dairy free, making our vegan chocolate range ideal for people who must eat a dairy free diet. What’s our secret? We use alternative milks during production, which means removing the need for animal derived products.

Our vegan chocolates are produced using almond milk, and rice milk, allowing for a creamy mouthfeel, intense tastes and true decadence, as you would expect with any luxury box of chocolates! Try them for yourself and taste the difference!

Our Vegan Chocolates Go One Step Further

That’s not all though, our commitment to innovation means that at Friars, our vegan chocolates go one step further in ensuring the longevity of our planet. All packaging used in our Vegan Chocolatier range is 100% biodegradable, meaning not only 

are we helping nature and our planet during the production process, we’re also ensuring that our products cause as little waste as possible, reducing our footprint on the planet and helping our customers do the same.

The Vegan Chocolatier range is perfect for vegans, people living with a dairy intolerance and for those who want to be active and reduce their impact on nature and the environment. Together, we’re taking steps to make the world a little better for everyone, but remember, being conscious about your impact on the planet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little bit of luxury now and then, does it? 

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