Go Vegan This Winter With Our Vegan Chocolate Collection

Have you thought about going vegan, or thought about exploring a more resourceful diet? Whilst many people see veganism as an extreme diet, going entirely plant based can be healthy for you and healthy for the planet when the right foods are eaten. Of course, veganism isn’t for everyone, but, everyone can enjoy our vegan chocolates!

We’re super proud of our stunning Vegan Chocolate collection Kakoa, it’s a collection that allows even the most vegan-conscious customers to enjoy decadent, delicious and tasty chocolates that have been lovingly crafted by our experts in order to cater for a range of tastes. Whether you love the feel of traditional chocolate bars, or want to try something more exciting like a vegan peanut butter milk chocolate truffle, we’ve got you covered at Friars. 

When people try a vegan diet for the first time, they often begin to miss the sugary sweet hit you get from a normal chocolate bar. The use of dairy in such chocolates always offers a creamy mouthfeel and a chance for a little moment of escapism. However, by becoming vegan it doesn’t mean you can’t experience that too. By using various other ‘milks’ such as rice milk and nut milks, we have achieved an almost identical feel with our vegan chocolates, meaning you can enjoy a decadent moment of escape, all whilst enjoying a plant based diet, which is better for you and better for the environment.

Like we have said, whilst a plant based diet might not be right for everyone, everyone can enjoy our vegan chocolates. Many of the delights from our Kakoa range are also allergen free, so are suitable for people with food allergies, such as a dairy allergy, or an allergy to lactose. Though do be sure to read the ingredients before you buy!

Take a look at some of our best selling Vegan Kakoa chocolates:

Kakoa Iconic Collection Vegan 24 Chocolate Box

Kakoa Lush Milk Chocolate Vegan Truffle

Kakoa Barista Cappuccino White Chocolate Vegan Truffles

Moving to a totally vegan lifestyle is a big step, one that should take careful thought to make sure it’s really right for you. By making small changes though and enjoying more sustainable treats, like our vegan chocolates, you can make big steps towards living a slightly healthier lifestyle that leaves slightly less of a mark on the health of our wonderful planet. After all, that can’t be a bad thing can it? 

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