Vegan Chocolate Christmas Gift Guide 2020

At Friars, we don’t take Vegan food lightly. To us, before the launch of Vegan Chocolatier, good quality vegan chocolates were very hard to come by, that’s because so many chocolate manufacturers simply just removed the milk from the chocolate recipe, leaving a dark and often bitter chocolate behind. We do things a little differently here, by using the finest plant based ingredients to craft our growing range of Kakoa Vegan chocolates.

What better gift to give to your vegan family and friends than some lovingly crafted vegan chocolates. These are also suitable for those who follow a mainly plant-based diet, and even for people who just wish to sample what Vegan chocolate is like – once you’ve tried it, you might never go back!

The secret is in the way we craft our vegan chocolates, using plant based milk replacements such as rice milk and almond milk to create delicious and decadent, creamy milk chocolates that have less impact on the environment, making them better for us, and our planet. We also use biodegradable packaging, which means we’re taking every step possible to ensure our vegan chocolates are as ethical as they can be.

Vegan Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers

Our Vegan Christmas range is huge, and it’s filled with loads of delicious plant-based chocolates that are perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those who wish to follow a more eco-conscious diet. 

Our Vegan chocolate candied orange slices are always a big hit this time of year, they are a real luxurious treat and work perfectly as an after dinner chocolate. The dark beligian chocolate dip pairs perfectly with the sweet tang of the candied orange slice.

Our Kakoa range features loads of beautifully made vegan chocolate truffles that make perfect Christmas gifts. Made using various plant based milks, these are rich, creamy and decadent. Our Vegan Iconic Collection Chocolate Box features 24 handmade vegan chocolates featuring our tipsy prosecco truffles, an ultimate peanut butter truffle and our favourite vegan christmas treat – our dazzling strawberry and champagne chocolates. 

We’ve even got an incredible range of Vegan Kakoa wines, featuring a delicious Merlot, a tasty Sauvignon Blanc and a luxurious Prosecco which are all perfect gifts for vegan loved ones and those who follow a plant based diet and enjoy a tipple.

Check out our full range of vegan chocolates, vegan wines, plant based sweets and plant based treats and show those special people in your life just how much they mean to you this Christmas!

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