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We love nothing more than sitting together and sharing a platter of delicious food. There’s something extra special about sharing food in this way, whether you’re enjoying tapas or an oriental banquet, it’s great being able to taste and experience loads of different food with your loved ones, without having to commit to having one big meal.

This brings us seamlessly onto a new trend that is hitting homes this winter, a trend that combines the notion of charcuterie with cocoa and chocolate, a delicious chocolaty sharing board full of your favourite chocolate treats, and of course, we want in!

At Friars, we are advocates of good quality, locally made confectionery, be that our classic chocolates, our forward thinking vegan chocolate range – Kakoa or even or handmade sweets and treats, we only use the finest ingredients to craft delicious treats that are 100% worth the calories. We make chocolate that is crafted to be an experience, something moreish to cherish and enjoy, and that’s why we want to help you design the perfect chocolate sharing platter to enjoy with your family and friends this winter.

By combining chocolate, sweets and luxurious drinks, we can ensure there’s something for everyone on your chocolate platter, so, grab your best board, dust it off and get ready to indulge in true chocolate heaven. 

Fruit and Nut Chocolates combine sweet with earthy flavours that will always have you wanting more, place some Candied Orange Slices alongside some assorted Chocolate Brazil Nuts for a delicious fruit & nut experience. For those who really love to indulge in dark flavours, why not add some of our own Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans? Sprinkle some chocolate buttons around, add a truffle or two and you’re away with a truly spectacular combination of delicious flavours.

Add some classic Marzipan Fruits and our delicious Cherry Nougat for those with a sweet tooth – these will also go great with our bestselling Chocolate Peanut Brittle

To complete your board and wash down our treats, you’ll want something to drink, right? For those seeking a final hit of chocolaty goodness, make some tasty hot chocolate drinks with our Deluxe Hot Chocolate Spoons, our gift box contains a number of delicious flavours including Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. 

If Wine is more your thing, at Friars we have created some spectacular wines which go great with our entire range of confectionery and chocolates, we’d recommend a rich Merlot or a nice, fresh Sauvignon Blanc with this chocolate board!

See our full Wine and Chocolate pairing collections here.

Enjoy some delicious chocolate treats this Winter, build your own sharing platter and tell us more about your own fantastic creations via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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