Luxury Vegan Chocolate & Wine Pairings | Friars

When it comes to really indulging, it’s hard to beat the combination of good quality vegan chocolate, and a delicious wine to wash it down with. The opportunity to enjoy such delights without having a major impact on the planet, via plant based alternatives has been a long time coming, however thanks to our commitment to the cause, our research and our proven chocolate production techniques, we’re able to offer our vegan customers a truly delightful experience, with delicious vegan chocolates and delicious vegan wines that really do go seamlessly together. 

Our own vegan chocolate range – Kakoa uses delightful plant based alternatives to create creamy, cocoa filled chocolate treats that you can enjoy, guilt free. Our vegan chocolates are so good, more and more non-vegan customers are turning to them each day in order to enjoy a chocolate that is made a little differently – without the use of animal products, using various nut and rice milks as an alternative and, as always, our Kakoa chocolates are lovingly packaged in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging, ensuring that we continue to have a positive impact on the environment even after our Kakoa chocolates have been enjoyed.
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When it comes to selecting a good wine to go with your chocolate, you need look no further than our own Kakoa vegan wine range, including a tantalizing Prosecco, a moreish Merlot and a light, refreshing vegan Sauvignon Blanc that goes down a treat when paired with our vegan white chocolates. 

Our wines have been created and selected to be paired with our chocolates, which is why when tasting our merlot alongside a vegan chocolate truffle, you’re able to get the most out of the experience, hitting the right tasting notes and revitalising your senses. Chocolate, much like a fine wine can be enjoyed slowly, over time, allowing you to really experience and savour the flavours. Pair fruity vegan chocolate treats with our Sauvignon for a smooth, creamy yet fresh experience, or indulge in our vegan merlot alongside some darker, rich cocoa flavours. 

No matter how you wish to enjoy your vegan chocolate and vegan wine, we’ve got a vast range of products available – all created for devoted vegans, people with specific dietary requirements and for those who are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, by exploring a plant based diet!

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