Get Set for Veganuary | Friars – Tips for a Plant Based Diet

January means a couple of things – a New Year, new aspirations, new desires and for many, an attempt at enjoying a new diet. ‘Veganuary’ is becoming more and more popular each year, thanks to a growing trend in plant based diets and of course, an increase in the availability of delicious vegan foods! 

So, what is Veganuary? It’s an annual 31 day challenge which starts on New Years day, and aims to encourage competitors to go totally vegan for the month of January. It’s the planet based diet equivalent of dry January. It’s a New Year’s resolution that has been running since 2014 and has now been supported by over one million people, across almost 200 countries, it’s actually quite a big deal!

Because Veganuary is growing, many food suppliers have seen it as an opportunity to launch new and exciting vegan food products, which is why at the moment supermarkets and stores seem bursting at the seams with delicious plant based foods, it’s all designed to make things a little easier, to help inspire you, and to help you continue your vegan lifestyle once January has ended – something that many 1,000’s of people do commit to once they have completed their veganuary challenge.
Take a look at the Friars vegan and plant based range, we’ve got tonnes of tasty vegan treats, including chocolate truffles, our Kakoa luxury vegan chocolates, vegan wines, vegan candies and more.

If that’s not enough to inspire you, check out some quotes from a couple of Veganuary’s ambassadors, Sir Paul McCartney and Chris Packham:

“I’ve been vegetarian for over 40 years and have stayed with it because I believe that every meat-free meal is a win for animals and the planet. This is why I started Meat Free Monday with my daughters Mary and Stella, and it’s also why I support Veganuary. We’re all trying to make the world a bit better, so why not sign up, take part, give it a go, and see how you feel? It could be the best thing you ever did.”

  • Sir Paul McCartney

“As I’ve become more and more aware of our impact, the impact our diet has on the environment – and of course the species that live in it – I’ve become increasingly concerned to minimise the negative aspects of that impact.”

  • Chris Packham

Read more about Veganuary’s ambassadors and what has inspired them to improve their health by leading a plant based and vegan lifestyle.

Our advice? Enjoying a plant based diet is a great way to live more ethically and to learn more about cooking and food production on a general scale. Of course, even when living vegan, it’s important to find balance and still ensure you’re getting the right nutrients, that’s why going vegan can come with some commitments. As you learn more about the lifestyle, things get a little simpler. It’s about adopting change, becoming more aware of your impact and taking action to mitigate that to improve your health, and do your bit in improving the planet’s health too. 

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