Chocolate Gift Boxes for Valentine’s Day | Friars Valentine’s Collection

Valentine’s Day is looming – with the prospect of going out for a romantic meal, perhaps a movie, or a few cocktails totally shattered this year, we’re all looking for ideas for the perfect night in. We can bet that the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime have a busy night on Sunday the 14th of January as we all cosy up on the sofa for a film we’ve seen a hundred times before, and of course, some delicious takeaway food. 

Or, perhaps you’re doing something a little different this year? A romantic from home yoga session, or how about some interior decorating? 

Whatever it is you choose to do, whoever you choose to do it with, make your stay-at-home valentines extra special this year with valentine’s gifts and chocolates from Friars! We’ve trawled through our gift collections to pick out some of our most exciting valentine’s treats for this year’s celebrations – we’re here to try and make the big day, as special as we can. Even if that means sitting at home watching reruns of Love Island, you might as well enjoy some delicious luxury chocolates at the same time right? 

Friars Valentine Chocolate Gift Box | Valentine’s Gifts

Our classic Friars Valentine Chocolate Gift Box is a real treat, it’s crammed full of heart shaped chocolate truffles, in a range of decadent and delicious flavours, including our famous white chocolate gin truffles, beautiful espresso flavoured chocolates, classic praline truffles and even some cheeky strawberry and champagne truffles.

Wines to pair with your Chocolate Gift Box | Valentine’s Gifts

At Friars, we love two things, chocolate, and wine! That’s why we have crafted our own collection of fine wines that have been lovingly paired with our valentine’s chocolates. So, why not add a beautifully fruity Friars Merlot to your order, or perhaps a nice crisp Friars Sauvignon Blanc

Luxury Champagne Truffles | Valentine’s Gifts

Our Luxury Champagne Truffles make the perfect Valentine’s treat. A crisp white chocolate shell coats a smooth, champagne flavoured milk chocolate ganache centre. It’s a combination that you simply have to try, luxury meets luxury with these white chocolate treats! 

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, enjoy it with some of the finest chocolates you’ll ever get your hands on. Explore our valentine’s collection now

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