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Leading up to the Easter period, we love nothing more than dreaming up magical Easter chocolate creations, that’s why we invest a huge amount of time and research into producing the very best, luxury Easter chocolates. Take our Luxury Chocolate Egg-Stravaganza for example, a decadent chocolate egg with an extra thick shell made from delicious milk chocolate and a gentle touch of white chocolate, stuffed full of fantastic chocolate egg truffles. Or, why not explore our Kakoa Vegan Iconic Chocolate Easter Egg, a vegan plant based chocolate egg that boasts a stunning and delicate geometric egg shell and 6 vegan viennese milk chocolate truffles. A delicious way to enjoy vegan chocolates this easter!

We’ve never attempted creating the world’s biggest chocolate egg before, however after writing up this article, we’re feeling inspired to try it! To find out more, read on…

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According to Guinness World Records the largest chocolate egg ever produced was crafted in Cortenuova in Italy, on the 16th of April 2011. The egg was ‘built’ by Shopping Centre Le Acciaierie, a local shopping centre in Cortenuova who set out to create the world’s biggest Easter egg as, let’s face it, it’s a fantastic PR opportunity. The egg itself weighed 7,200kg, or 7.2 tonnes, measured 10.39m in height, or just over 34ft and had a maximum circumference of 19.6m, or just under 64.5ft. 

Just to help you get your head around that, based on an average ‘storey’ in your home sitting at around 3m tall, this would make the egg around 3 stories tall (taller than your average home in the UK). The widest point at the centre of the egg, measuring at 19.6m would be the same width as 7.84 double decker busses (if you folded the egg out into a straight line at least). 

As for its weight, well an African Bush Elephant weighs on average around 6,000kg, or 6 tonnes, so we’ll say this egg weighed an elephant and a bit – or, an elephant that had consumed a giant 1.2 tonne easter egg maybe? 

The egg itself is a fantastic example of the versatility and creativeness of chocolate, which is exactly why we love it! 
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