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Enjoying luxury chocolates at Easter is something we all love to do. Whether it’s a classic chocolate egg, or something more creative like a bag of chocolate bunnies, many of us do find an excuse during the Easter period to consume some delicious chocolates. The question is though, how many of us have stopped to think about why we do it? 

If we strip it right back, we know that Easter is of course a religious festival, it’s a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus, but what on earth has that got to do with chocolate, chocolate eggs and of course, the Easter Bunny? Thankfully, as a leading confectioner and supplier to the chocolate industry, we’ve got a close connection with the Easter Bunny and have been able to delve into these questions a little deeper in order to find out the thrush around why we eat chocolate at easter! Read on to find out more…
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The use of the ‘egg’ within Easter stories refers to new life. That’s because across species, babies and new life tend to come from eggs. And no before you ask, we don’t know which came first out of the chicken, or the egg.

Religious texts also consider the use of an egg as a reference to other things, such as a stone which is alleged to have blocked the tomb of Jesus after his death. Moreover, Pagan texts suggest that the symbol of an egg could be considered as a sign of ‘new life’ thanks to the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Eostre, the Pagan goddess of spring and rebirth. Whatever the truth here, we do know that eventually, decorative eggs then became a traditional gift within the Christian community over Easter time. Events such as egg hunts would take place and Queen Victoria herself is said to have made egg hunts more popular within England, based on a German tradition of a similar nature which would take place over Easter. 

Over time in Europe, this tradition of a decorative egg gift soon became popular as a confectionary based egg. France and Germany are two countries often noted as pioneers within the chocolate egg world. This tradition soon caught on, leading to JS Fry & Sons to become the first British company to sell chocolate eggs over the Easter period in the 1700’s, and the rest as they say, is history!

There we have it, a brief history of Easter, the symbolism of egg and the introduction of chocolate. However you decide to celebrate the Easter period this year, do it with Friars, and our delicious collection of luxury easter chocolates!

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