2021 See’s Huge Surge in Demand for Vegan Chocolate

Through 2021 and the end of 2020 during the festive season. Chocolate makers such as ourselves have seen a huge demand for vegan and plant based chocolates, as more and more people choose to switch over to living a more balanced and conscious lifestyle. Vegan chocolates are all about ensuring that luxury items can be produced in a cruelty free manner without the use of animal products, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way – that’s why our vegan chocolates are produced to very high standards and specifications, using responsibly sourced milk alternatives such as rice and nut milk for the products, and selling them in packaging that has come from sustainable sources, that can also be recycled. 

Take a look at our full Vegan Chocolate collection, which includes delicious vegan chocolate gifts, luxury truffles and other dairy free, plant based alternative treats that don’t compromise on flavour or that luxury feel chocolate lovers adore. 

During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has sparked up some debate about how our use of animals in food is not just bad for the animals, it’s bad for the environment. Many argue that by living a vegan lifestyle, we’re reducing the need to rely on animals as a food source, which can ultimately lead to the spread of disease, inadvertently of course. This combined with people having more time to research, explore and cook at home has meant that becoming vegan is now a truly mainstream lifestyle choice. As a result, more and more people have been looking for ways to upgrade their vegan diet to include foods that they used to enjoy, but on an animal free basis, causing the sale of vegan chocolates and other luxury treats to surge. 

Not only that, but more non vegans are turning to trying vegan treats simply because they are inquisitive to find out more about them, in the pursuit towards living a healthier lifestyle themselves – don’t forget, our vegan chocolates aren’t just for vegans! 

Explore the Friars Vegan Collection and discover a new world of delicious cruelty free chocolates designed to ensure everyone has the chance to experience those luxury, melt in the mouth chocolate moments.

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