How we reduce air miles with our Vegan Oat Milk | Friars

One of the major problems with finding cruelty free alternatives to ingredients such as milk is that often, producing the alternatives can be quite harmful to the environment. Whether it’s using Almonds grown internationally, or other products that require a lot of processing with water, sometimes vegan food manufacturers can end up contributing to an overly large carbon output, which as we know can be harmful to our planet. 

At Friars, when we first designed our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate range we wanted to produce a product that was as eco-conscious as can be, that’s why we’ve invested a lot of time into ensuring that every part of the supply chain is as clean as it can be, from using locally sourced ingredients, to ensuring that our packaging is biodegradable and that even our most core ingredients leave the least impact on the planet as possible, without compromising on texture and taste.

That’s why we opted to use Oat Milk as a milk replacement in our range of vegan chocolates. Oat milk is tasty, smooth, cruelty free and is very easy to make – reducing the need for harmful processing and also, reducing the need to ship tonnes of nuts and other ingredients from overseas from places like the USA and Spain, much like we would need to if we opted to use Almond milk.

Did you know:

“The US is the dominant producer of almonds in the world producing 2,002,742 tons annually. California is the primary producing region. About 70% of the almonds are exported in shelled form and the rest processed or sold unshelled. Spain produces approximately 202,339 tons annually and has a broad range of commercial cultivators. Cultivation takes place in the region of Valencia, Catalonia, Andalusia, Murcia, and Aragon.” – See more.

So, by opting for oats instead of almonds, we’re able to avoid using planes to transport the ingredients, meaning the actual carbon footprint of the ingredients is reduced and thus, the supply chain involved in creating our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate range can be considered eco-conscious. Moreover, actually growing and cultivating the oats requires less water than alternatives like Almonds, which helps us to further reduce the environmental impact on the areas in which our oats are produced.

It’s little steps like this that means our customers can enjoy our cruelty free vegan chocolates, guilt free!

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