Tipsy Treats to Enjoy this Summer | Friars

At Friars we know just how well chocolate and delicious alcoholic drinks can be paired. That’s why this summer we’ve stocked an extensive range of tipsy treats for you to discover and enjoy. Whether it’s our own wines or spirits distilled locally to our store, we’ve got a range of drinks on offer that are perfect for enjoying at summer BBQ’s, during your summer holidays or even to be given as gifts.

Take a look at some of the best alcoholic drinks available to purchase from our web store this summer!

Friars BrewDog IPA Hamper Box

A perfect gift for beer lovers, or for those who want to enjoy some cold beers alongside some delicious chocolates. This gift box pairs some official BrewDog Merchandise with our own milk chocolate pint and some Slabs crisps, perfect for enjoying in the summer sun. The beers included are: BrewDog Punk IPA, BrewDog Dead Pony Club and BrewDog Elvis Juice.

The Lakes Distillery – Classic Gin

Distilled locally to Friars, The Lakes Distillery Classic Gin is a delicious and refreshing gin with a big hit of juniper, finished with spice and orange peel. This gin is created with the finest botanicals, using pure water sourced from the Lake District. It’s smooth and goes fantastic with regular tonic water! 

The Lakes Distillery – Pink Grapefruit Gin

If you prefer your gin fruity, take a look at The Lakes Distillery Pink Grapefruit gin, a well balanced, flavoured gin which boasts hits of juniper, uplifting citrus notes and of course, tangy pink grapefruit. Serve over ice, or with a sweet mediterranean style tonic.

Friars Sauvignon Blanc

Our own Sauvignon Blanc wine is a ripe, fruity dry white wine with notes of lime, grapefruit and gooseberry. This has been crafted to be paired specifically with our chocolates, what better way to enjoy a summer’s evening? 

Kakoa Vegan Sauvignon

Our Kakoa Vegan Sauvignon is an animal product free and cruelty free Sauvignon, it’s fruity and well balanced making this a perfect vegan summer treat. Enjoy in the sun with BBQ Jackfruit for a refreshing and exciting taste experience!

Lyme Bay Sparkling Rosé

Lyme Bay Winery is a favourite here at Friars, which is why we stock a range of their wines, including this most delicious Sparkling English Rosé, a fruit driven wine which is ideal for those who want to enjoy some decadent bubbles in the summer sun.

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