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At Friars, when it comes to looking at chocolate for people with special diets, we’re always researching pioneering techniques to help to ensure our chocolate treats are more accessible to more people. Starting with our Kakoa Vegan Chocolate collections (previously called Vegan Chocolatier) we’ve improved and enhanced recipes to ensure our products are better for you, and better for the planet. That’s why we’re one of the first chocolate manufacturers to create ‘soya free’ chocolates that have been designed for people on soya free diets. Moreover, by swapping out soya lecithin in our chocolates, we’re able to reduce our manufacturing impact on the environment, by cutting air miles and using more sustainable ingredients.

So, just how have we made a selection of our vegan chocolates soya free? Through altering our manufacturing process and through replacing soya lecithin with sunflower lecithin! Soya lecithin is traditionally used as an emulsifier and an antioxidant, however the production and sourcing of soya lecithin involves soy. As soy has become more popular within various areas of the food industry, the harvesting and production of soy has become more damaging to the environment, not to mention the air miles involved in shipping it over to the UK. That’s why we’ve opted for sunflower lecithin in our Kakoa Vegan Chocolates instead.

Sunflower lecithin let’s us ensure the chocolate texture remains silky smooth, but also that the environmental impact of our chocolates is reduced and moreover, that those with a soya allergy can also safely enjoy our chocolates. Because of Kakoa Chocolates are also dairy free, then can likewise be enjoyed by people with dairy allergies too!

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Although the industry is certainly shifting towards a wider acceptance of soya free chocolates, as it stands choices for people on soya free diets remain rather limited, which is why we’re proud to offer such a vast range of soya free chocolates and truffles for people to enjoy. Thanks to the Kakoa collection, chocolate can be enjoyed guilt free, in the knowledge that the ingredients used to create our magical chocolates are better for you, and for our planet too.

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