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Chocolate and truffles, we love to eat them both, but do we really know what makes them different from each other? Some might say it doesn’t matter, given that both are equally delicious and that’s all that matters right?

Well, they could be correct, however we’re here now and we’re eager to share some knowledge with you, so, if you want to find out more about the differences between chocolates and truffles, then read on. Otherwise why not skip to the good bit and explore our truffle collections?

A key similarity between regular chocolate and chocolate truffles is that they both contain an element of the cacao tree, be that as cocoa beans, cocoa solids or cocoa butter in different quantities, mixed with other ingredients to make different types of chocolate (white, milk, dark etc). However, the big difference between a classic piece of chocolate and a truffle is that the truffle will also contain a ganache, a creamy paste which is created by mixing chocolate with cream. Again, the quantities can differ here depending on the type of truffle we’re talking about – generally speaking though a truffle will contain a chocolate ganache, that could be in the centre, around the outside or even across the entire chocolate.

All chocolate truffles contain chocolate, but not all chocolate contains cream or a ganache, and that is the difference between the two, pretty simple? 

Both ‘standard’ chocolate and truffles can of course contain other flavourings and ingredients to heighten the experience of the chocolate, one popular example is the edition of a fruity cream (like an orange fondant) or the edition of a liqueur, however the presence of these additional ingredients can be different in a truffle, to their presence in a more solid chocolate – that’s thanks to the additional flavours that come into chocolate when creams or a ganache is introduced. 

If you’ve made it this far and now thing – yeah, I’m a bit of an expert in this then great! Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to some tasty Friars chocolates of your own. The big question is, what do you go for, chocolates or truffles?

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