Trick or Treat? Halloween Treats & Spirits at Friars

First of all, can anyone else not quite believe that it’s almost Halloween already!? 2021 is passing in record time and whilst we’re very glad it’s almost Christmas (yay more chocolate), we’re still taking a bit of time to process just how quickly it’s really going.

Oh well, spooky season is upon us and we think now is the perfect time to introduce you to some perfect chocolate treats for this halloween season, as well as some special spirits, for those who enjoy a tipple and a pun over the Halloween season!

For the perfect Halloween treat this year, explore our Friars Novelty Chocolates Collection which features a number of exciting and seasonal treats which can be enjoyed all year round.

Halloween Spirits

In keeping with the Halloween Spirit, let us introduce to you our range of delicious Friars infused spirits. By spirits we mean the drinks kind and not those creepy ones that you sometimes hear on Most Haunted or see in Horror films!

Friars Spiced Cocoa Rum

Our Spiced Cocoa Rum is a rich and delicious Rum which has been infused with cocoa nibs and vanilla for a velvety and warming tipple. It carries the dark notes of caramel and treacle which will always sit well on a chilly Halloween night!

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Rhubarb and Ginger are two luxurious flavours which when combined compliment one another endlessly. This gin is fruity, sweet and tart and is an excellent spirit to enjoy with a splash of tonic this Halloween. It’s spicy, warming and a favourite amongst the team here at Friars HQ! 

Cocoa Caramel Liqueur

Our Cocoa Caramel Liqueur is a Vodka based drink that has been steeped with cocoa nibs before being distilled in a super rich caramel. The caramel gives this drink a creamy mouthfeel which is matched by truly luxurious flavour. It’s best served on ice and can certainly be enjoyed after a long night taking the little ones out Trick or Treating.

So, why not treat yourself this Halloween too?  

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