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So firstly we might like to know, just what is a ‘British Chocolatier’. Some might be conjuring an image of a swashbuckling gentleman wearing a large plumed hat with breeches, boots and wielding a rapier style sword. That is of course a somewhat different matter and refers to a ‘French Musketeer’.
A light hearted play on the teer/tier aspect then but designed only to draw attention to the fact that both Chocolatier and Musketeer are derived from the French. As is often the case the language seems to imply something special and that is certainly the case here. The important one for us is the title of Chocolatier. The name given to those who make confections from chocolate as opposed to chocolate maker, given to a person who makes chocolate from cocoa beans. Although the title of Chocolatier is as stated above derived from the French language, here we are looking at the art of the British, and in particular, English Chocolatier.

English Chocolatier.

The Chocolatier then is a highly skilled maker of chocolate confectionery. It is a craft with history. One can be trained in apprentice style to master the arts and skills of, in particular, hand making of edible masterpieces. What a thought, to spend your days crafting the finest chocolate into the most extraordinary and exquisite delights! Bringing forth from your imagination the most superb chocolate designs to share with all who enjoy fine things. At Friars, we aim to achieve the status of being regarded as one of, and hopefully the finest of, English Chocolatiers, producing some of England’s and Britain’s finest chocolates. There is always a desire to be inventive and create new and often unique chocolates for our customers. Its an absolute goal, pursued with skill and vigour by our own master Chocolatier.

Developing a recipe.

The inventive part of a chocolatier’s work, devising a new and sumptuous chocolate. This starts with an idea. The idea can be drawn from any experience of the every day or something unique and outstanding. Perhaps a once in a lifetime event. Then there is the matter of the marriage of ingredients, something that requires extensive knowledge and ability to achieve the right balances. It must have the wonderful textures and tantalisingly good flavours demanded of high quality chocolates. This is progressed to a design and is subject to experimentation. The resultant chocolate must be of the highest quality and luxuriant flavour. It must also go before a panel of knowledgeable assessors where it has to meet the stringent superior standards set before it gains its ultimate accolade as a Friars’ chocolate.

Artisan chocolates.

Making something with the skill of your own hands must be one of the most satisfying things a person can experience. To use traditional methods and at the same time create old and new favourites and perhaps more complex final products is a great thing. Our English Chocolatier is such a person and thus a true artisan. Skilled in the art of hand making fine chocolates never losing sight of the traditional, whilst always open to new ideas and methods of seeking perfection in a chocolate. The work is a vocation fuelled by constant determination and enthusiasm and dare we say, love, to provide the ultimate chocolate offerings for the satisfaction of those with demanding tastes. Quite rightly such chocolates are admired and presented as things of beauty and quality, made with pride and honest hard work. It goes almost without saying that a gift of hand crafted chocolates is well received and leaves both giver and recipient content over the meaning conveyed and intended. Chocolate is a timeless indulgence and when handcrafted becomes even more special.

Home made chocolate.

Some feel home made is always best and to be fair, there is a lot to be said for that belief. With that in mind we now produce a significant proportion of our own chocolate in house from the finest available ingredients to be found. Not forgetting the inherent responsibility carried by manufacturers to promote sustainability, our chocolate making processes follow the best ‘friendly’ practices as we do so. It is only fitting that our finest confections are formed from our own exquisitely made chocolate. So, we give to you the best home made chocolates, from our home to yours……..

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