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So how is vegan milk chocolate made? Well I suppose a good starting point is to define vegan in the context of chocolate making. Here’s the good news. In its raw form chocolate is, yes you guessed it, vegan! What makes this a fact is that chocolate is derived from the cacao bean, the fruit of the cacao tree and thus it is indeed inherently plant based.

Therefore, in its unadulterated form the cacao bean begins the process resulting in the creation of the delight we all know as chocolate. Obviously there are other ingredients blended along the way with this raw material to produce our award winning chocolates. Sunflower lecithin, cocoa butter to
name but two. We take pride in saying, (even if it goes without saying) there are no animal products in our colourings or flavourings of our vegan chocolates. In fact no animal products whatsoever.

Vegan Milk Chocolates

As we know, chocolate comes in various forms and none more delicious and satisfying than in vegan style. There will be some scepticism, but truly, vegan milk chocolate can taste absolutely delicious with a rich creaminess, often gained from the addition of oat milk and/or other plant based milks. It is when additions are made to the process that the chocolate becomes ‘different’. Dairy products are recognised additions to traditional milk chocolate but in an ever more discerning, and demanding public arena there is huge demand for vegan milk chocolate as well as for its darker form. The secret (and our process is secret to maintain integrity of our products) is the addition of viable, friendly and plant based alternatives to dairy in order to make the most enjoyable and rewardingly creamy, vegan milk chocolates. They may be plant based but there is no doubt they
can match and often out score the competition.

Oat Milk

As we endeavour to become pioneers in the search for ever more planet friendly chocolate, we pursue the quest for alternative ingredients. We have in fact removed soya as an ingredient from our milk chocolate. Where we previously made use of soya lecithin we now prefer to utilise sunflower

We now incorporate the much more environmentally friendly oat and rice milks into our chocolate. These alternatives, whilst helping the environment, still provide superbly creamy additions to our finest vegan milk chocolates. We love the fact that much of our oat milk is sourced from oats grown right here in the UK. Many vegans are turning to oat milk as an ingredient, and also for stand alone drinking due to its smoothness and creamy taste.

Furthermore it has documented health benefits such as aiding in the reduction of cholesterol and the provision of important vitamins A and D which help to boost the immune system. Add to this its high fibre content, bone strengthening minerals and how it can help regulate blood sugar levels and we’re beginning to see a pretty compelling dairy alternative.


Founded in 2019 and formerly known as Vegan Chocolatier, KAKOA is becoming a benchmark for top quality vegan chocolates.

Ultimate Peanut Butter

We are justifiably proud to offer the wonderful KAKOA ‘Ultimate Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Truffle’, winner of a Gold Taste Award, for those with discerning taste in search of superior vegan treats. Rice milk chocolate with a smooth truffle ganache topped with a salted peanut for that nutty
compliment that completes a very nice chocolate. They really are rather good.
The brand has other equally mouthwatering offerings.

Coffee In Style

Take for instance our Barista Cappuccino White Chocolate Vegan Truffles. Now theres a mouthful and to be fair try one and you will surely agree, but what a wonderfully fine tasting one to boot. These aromatic, coffee taste bombs are made from fine rice and oat milk to bring you a premium vegan mellow and light truffle experience of classic chocolate to accompany a well earned coffee at ten or any time of day.


Perhaps you like to push the boat out. If thats the case try one of our Iconic Vegan Milk Chocolate boxes. Flavours to capture your spirit and our commitment to fine dairy free chocolates. An eclectic mix of sea salted caramels, tingling gin amongst others coated with premium shells of fine
chocolate. Is there a more appreciated selection of hand crafted indulgence to be had? Probably not.

The Future?

So before you think milk chocolate that has to mean milk from cows, take a minute. Have a moment of adventure. Consider the possibility that you might be extraordinarily surprised at just how good Vegan chocolate has become. Dip your toe, or should that be the tip of your most effective
tongue, into the centre of a dairy free alternative ‘choc’. You could just be moving with the times and stepping into the future. Enjoying a little, or maybe even a lot of what you fancy but leaving less trace behind as you do.

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