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We stock a wide and comprehensive catalogue of chocolates and flavours at Friars. Here, we look at 10 Unusual chocolate flavours we think you really ought to try. Sometimes change and diversity is good for the soul as well as the palate, but don’t just take our word for it jump in and have a try for yourself.

1. Friars Florentine Chocolate

To start you off, what about these wonderfully crunchy bite size offerings? Slivered Almonds with Pistachios and caramel topping a half dipped smooth Hazelnut praline chocolate. Crazily good, some might say deeply nutty but certainly delicious! Look good, taste great. Oh and served up in biodegradable packaging. Winners all the way.

2. Friars Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles

There is just something about Cherry centres surrounded by dark chocolate that works wonderfully well. Maybe its because our chocolates contain a whole, plump cherry soaked in rich Kirsch liqueur, expertly wrapped in a superb ganache and enrobed within a silky smooth 61% cocoa, dark chocolate casing, that they seem even more appealing. Slightly decadent, wholly delicious. To borrow a phrase, “the Cherry on the cake”.

3. Kakoa, Ultimate Peanut Butter Vegan Milk chocolate Truffles

We know it has been said before, but it really is worth saying again. “Taste award winning peanut butter”. There, it’s done and so on, to extol the quality of these lovely chocolates. Vegan, Rice milk chocolate, real peanut butter and a salted peanut ‘crown’ to finish. Again, presented in stylish biodegradable packaging. Meeting the requirements of many concerned chocolate lovers whilst giving that incomparable chocolate satisfaction.

4. Walnut Topped Marzipan

If Cherries and dark chocolate seem a natural combination, then Walnut and Marzipan just go together like, well, bacon and eggs? Tea and toast? Perhaps we should leave it at they just complete a sweet package in great fashion together. Very complimentary as a combination and why not. A Marzipan of high Almond content coated in smooth milk chocolate with that unmistakable Walnut roast taste. Delicious in all respects. Sit back switch on the tv and indulge in comfort.

5. Friars Dark Chocolate Liqueur Cherries

Differing from the aforementioned Cherry truffles, these delightful cerissettes contain a whole Cherry, stone included. No ganache here but oh my, still a wonderful combination of dark chocolate and Cherry which has been soaked in fine Kirsch to accentuate that superb flavour. They are delicious but please, don’t be tempted to eat it all!

6. Friars Dark Chocolate Violet Creams

Another mouth-watering marriage of flavours and textures. Who doesn’t love a soft fondant centre reached by breaking through that dark chocolate coat that seems to announce grandly, the presence of a great flavour awaiting the tip of your tongue? Having absorbed the initial intense chocolate ‘hit’achieved from a 65% cocoa mix, one just knows the smooth fondant is going to be sublime. Dipped and finished by hand, topped with a crystallised petal for a little panache.

7. Friars Kir Royal Chocolate

There are chocolates, then there are chocolates. Our Kir Royal fits into the more lofty chocolate grouping. An exquisite chocolate tribute to the classic champagne cocktail, Kir Royal. A decadent white chocolate ganache is infused by Marc du Champagne and topped with a layer of blackcurrant cream. All this coated in fine dark chocolate. A right Royal treat for someone special? Pure indulgence, but so nice.

8. Friars Creme Brulee Chocolates

That iconic French dessert has been given a chocolate twist in our modern take. With a wonderfully smooth Vanilla centre and seriously creamy milk and white chocolate decorated with golden crystallised sugar, this really is the crème de la crème of chocolate. You don’t have to wait for that special dining occasion to treat yourself to a luxurious dessert any longer. These are ready for you any time.

9. Friars Lime & Chilli Chocolates

It was only a matter of time until the tang of Lime was brought together with the power of the Chilli. We are proud to offer our version of this affair with truffle and dark chocolate encapsulating the zesty Lime and the invigorating warmth of the Chilli. Set your taste buds tingling with these fine chocolates on a cold winters evening and feel the subtle heat.

10. Friars Sticky Toffee Pudding Chocolates

We present what to many must be seen as the ultimate chocolate treat. For a huge number of people, Sticky Toffee pudding is a must at the dining table and theres bound to be just as much widespread enjoyment and demand for our chocolates of the same name. Beautifully smooth milk chocolate blended with dates and caramel before being finished with a white chocolate drizzle. Scrumptious, sumptuous and superb are words that spring to mind. A fitting tribute for a renowned dessert, the origins of which are not too far away from our home. Yet another reason, or two, to visit here in our home county.

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