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More chocolate and less packaging! Theres a good idea and what a thought. Well, you enjoy looking at the package but the ultimate pleasure is, as with pudding, in the eating. After all is said and done that packaging is destined for once place, and one place only, the bin. But wait, what if we could do something about that? Yes ultimately it will still be disposed of. But what if that disposal didn’t need to leave a ‘scar’ on the environment?

This could really be a worthwhile achievement. The customer gets to enjoy the expected high quality chocolates they want and the packaging, similarly of high quality, can be returned to the environment in friendly, biodegradable form. There is no doubt that the initial impact, the ‘wow’ factor is when one sets eyes on that gorgeous looking chocolate box. But we think you’ll agree when taking a look at our recently re-designed English Classic’s, this can be the case with the future disposal of that presentation borne in mind. The packaging for these classic Rose and Violet creams is of a contemporary design, manufactured from FSC certified cardboard. So, there is no longer a see-through plastic lid or for that matter a plastic tray. However one can be confident that within are really great chocolates that can be consumed with utmost pleasure and perhaps not a little satisfaction in the knowledge that when empty, the packaging will be entirely biodegradable.

Sustainable Chocolate Production

This is good news for ourselves, the customer and the planet, and is yet another step forward in our quest to achieve sustainability as a mainstay of our chocolate production. With no unnecessary padding to bolster the box, the chocolate is the prize in our offerings. Again, we all look at a beautifully wrapped present with that elevated expectation but how often has the poor quality within deflated us? We are striving hard on both fronts here. Great presentation delivering great quality chocolates and with great efforts to deliver sustainable products. We want you to look at the box and be enticed. We want you to open the box and be delighted.

Following on from our title of more chocolate, less packaging, we also consider our overall footprint in the grand scale of things. This presents challenges which we endeavour to meet enthusiastically and responsibly. Reviewing our production methods and constituents of our products enables us to address elements others may neglect. For example, our lighting is 100 per cent LED across our business saving costs both for ourselves and the environment. We hope to introduce other friendly factors as we , and technologies, develop. Sometimes it is the case that ‘new’ methods are thought to be in advance of their times or far superior to alternatives. Take for example Palm Oil, a classic case of attempting to be planet friendly on the one hand but unfortunately finding there is an unacceptable cost of this on the other.

Therefore we have moved away from utilising this particular ingredient. In fact check out our site where you can find a Palm Oil free page listing over 200 products. We won’t sit back on our laurels though, and will continue to seek quality, friendly and sustainable alternatives where we can.

Where are we right now?

Well, we are currently producing all of our cardboard packaging from FSC, (Forest Steward Council) certified cardboard. What does that actually mean? It means the forests providing the raw materials are responsibly managed, giving fair conditions to the workforce and investing in the long term future of the forests. Also this management adheres to environmental factors which in turn help with future sustainability of the forests.

Biodegradable PET

Furthermore, if plastic has to be a factor then we are proud to be able to say we are in partnership with some very forward thinking manufacturers. Indeed LVF packaging ( are one such manufacturer of some amazing products. There input for us is Breakdown PET. This could begin to get a little bit technical but fear not, in brief, their product, which we use in some of our chocolate trays, is biodegradable. Sound too good to be true? Well the fact is that due to their rather innovative approach the plastic they use is just that. See below some fascinating facts from their own website;

1. Today, their rPET materials contain 80% post-consumer waste.
2. Since 2019 they have manufactured and sold Breakdown PET products which are designed to decompose and biodegrade in landfill leaving no toxic residues.
3. In 2020 they achieved a landmark goal, in recycling all plastic waste created during the manufacturing process at their Leeds factory. Impressive achievements without a doubt.

Perhaps one of the most commendable aspects of this packaging is the ability for it to be composted at home, therefore no requirement for specialist facilities. This is a major plus for environmentally conscious customers.

Natureflex packaging

Natureflex provide us with the ‘plastic’ that we wrap our taster packs in, although in reality this isn’t plastic at all but manufactured from cellulose derived from wood pulp. Again, this material is fully compostable at home making it great for the environment as well as superbly effective for our needs.

Friars Signature Boxes

Finally, we cant forget to draw your attention to our Friars Signature boxes. Still the same great tasting chocolates but now sitting rather finely and comfortably in fully biodegradable FSC sourced packaging. Good bye to that plastic, hello fresh approach but same top quality.Importantly, plastic air pockets packaging has now been replaced with a marvellous paper void fill so any chocolates you receive in the mail from us will also be playing a part in a recyclable future.

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