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How to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt can be a pretty daunting task when there are demanding, excited and imaginative kids to cater for. However, planning doesn’t have to be a major operation, unless you’d like it to be that is.

We would love to be helpful in your planning this year and we are confident that together with our great Easter chocolates and tips we can if nothing else, provide some delicious treats and some ideas for consideration.

So, the Easter egg hunt can be a short, rewarding affair, or a prolonged matter calling for good imagination and some problem solving skills, or indeed somewhere between the two. Of course these are not exhaustive options and many a Easter hunt will be tailored to the individual requirements of each family. After all, we wouldn’t expect a 3 year old to solve a written riddle more in line with the skills of an 8 year old, any more than we’d expect them to walk for a mile and a half in the footsteps of a very energetic Easter Bunny!

Similarly the rewards of the ‘find’ or successful Easter hunt may well differ with regard to the child’s age and expectations.

Ideas For The Easter Egg Hunt


Finding The Chocolate In An Egg

There are many materials and ideas for use around these days in respect of egg hunts. Some people use plastic shell type eggs which in turn contain smaller chocolate eggs for the ‘prize’. Often, the hunter can be challenged to solve a riddle or follow an instruction which might lead to the next clue or egg.

The shells themselves can be brightly coloured and so perhaps more easily found whilst being slightly more difficult to fully conceal. Thats not necessarily a bad thing. The idea is to create some fun for the children, not to frustrate them in the process.

Talking about hollow shells to be filled, brings us to some rather great ways of filling them. For instance, Friars crunchy chocolate Easter eggs are ideal to pop into a shell. A satisfying crunch with a big chocolate hit in a small package ensures a happy little finder.

Another good way to get the kids Easter egg hunting is to hide away one of our Mini Easter Bunny tins. Filled with foil wrapped solid milk chocolate eggs these are a firm favourite. When the eggs are all gone the tin can become a very nice little storage box for their bedrooms.

Easter Bunny Footprints

A cute way to lead younger children to the hidden goodies is to lay out a trail of Bunny prints. Not only does this add to the Easter Bunny legend making, but also serves to help the smaller ones find their gifts with less difficulty. If you like, the prints can be easily made at home from coloured card or if sophistication is your style, maybe a Bunny foot, made from a hard material can be dabbed into muddy or sandy areas giving a general direction of travel. The children can be encouraged to search the area where the footprints end and where they will undoubtedly discover some delightful treat.

Whilst on the subject of Easter Bunnies, maybe the ideal treat would be some of our chocolate Easter Bunnies. These beauties are individually wrapped in foil and whilst hollow, are nonetheless very tasty chocolates.

Slightly different, but still as good, our Friars Praline Easter Bunnies. Crisp milk and white chocolate with a rich hazelnut praline making for a winning combination. These limited edition Bunny shaped gems are a perfect treat for Easter and reminder that spring is on its way.


Envelopes With Clues Inside

Want to challenge the older more enquiring mind? How about compiling some clues for placing in envelopes which in turn can be strategically placed, maybe pinned to a fence or tied around a branch, perhaps concealed as part of the next step of the search. The possibilities are considerable, and include giving the starter clue to the child who then works out where the next clue can be found. If you want to make your youngster work harder for their treats then maybe the treats should be a little bit more substantial.

A suitable reward could be our Cafe`- Tasse egg box. Quirky but apt, an egg carton box containing 6 individually foil wrapped, praline centred chocolates. If thats not enough they might savour the fact these are made from rich Belgian chocolate with a smooth praline centre. Worth the extra effort put in by a mini detective.

If you want to make your children work even harder for a greater prize then maybe our Friars Easter Chocolate Egg gift basket is the ideal way to do just that. These delicious praline filled mini Easter eggs contained in a cute gift basket are an assortment of Belgian, white, milk and dark chocolate mini eggs filled with a rich hazelnut praline. Wrapped individually in an attractive foil they are a wonderful Easter Bunny gift.


Direction Arrows And Signs

A pretty simple but enjoyable way to point your children in the right direction. These can be made from a simple wooden stake with a small piece of ply attached, giving directions such as “To the Shed, 20 Steps this way, Follow the garden path to the Fountain, well you get the idea……….
It still gives the small searcher a sense of achievement and adds to the fun when they find the “Pot of chocolate at the end of the trail”. If the weather isn’t so good and the ground a bit squishy, the trail can be shortened and lead to shelter, be it a coal bunker, shed, garden store or other similar place. Wording for the signs can be funny, witty or just informative it’s your choice.

When they get to the end of the trail though be sure we have something that will make them smile. For something slightly different take a look at our Praline Easter Ducks. If it’s something really different and unique then we have just the thing, Praline filled Real eggs! Yes thats right a superb option of praline centred chocolate contained in a genuine real egg shell. Better yet they come in milk and dark versions. They’ll be chuffed with these and will be happy to crack one open. Other options we have include Easter Chick bags, Easter Bunny and Chicken chocolate gift boxes and Chocolate Bunny and Carrot bars.

So, get your thinking caps on , but if all else fails you can fall back on our Easter gift fare. Happy Easter Egg Hunting.

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