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For all you lovers of fine Vegan chocolates, here are our top 3 Vegan options you really should try. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you simply the best Vegan and Dairy free chocolates going. So, settle back, feast your eyes, ready your palate, and read on as we outline these beauties to you.

Salted Caramel

Is there anyone who doesn’t love salted caramel? Maybe, but they are probably in a minority. Here is a chocolate that just sort of smooths its way into your taste buds. Melts its way into your heart and leaves a lasting feel good factor memory. So good we even have some we like to call Legendary Sea Salted Caramel. From the KAKOA stable, or should that read table?

Anyway, these delicious Vegan expressions of caramel greatness are definitely one to try. They are in fact our most popular Vegan ‘goody’.

It could be partly because of the soft, gooey caramel centre, finished with a smidgeon of sea salt. It could be the premium chocolate, made with wonderfully rich and creamy rice and almond milk. Or, it could be, that together these things encapsulate the mening and richness of taste that one demands in a salted caramel chocolate. Super quality and vegan chocolate to boot. What’s not to like about these KAKOA creations?


Peanut Butter

Is it only us that imagines the taste and smell of Peanut Butter when contemplating these rather fine Vegan chocolate alternatives? No? Maybe you’ve already treated yourself to a touch of superior award winning confectionery. There’s something about a smooth, silky, peanut butter that conjures up an expectation of a taste of satisfaction.

The appropriately named and much loved Ultimate Peanut Butter Truffle certainly doesn’t disappoint. Did we mention award winning? We did? Sorry, but it seemed to be the right thing to do as you’ll no doubt understand. As the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, and to be fair, this chocolate does that exquisitely. Real peanut butter, superb vegan, premium milk chocolate combined and finished with crushed salted peanuts for that extra nutty hit. Amazingly good, sumptuously satisfying.


Strawberry and Champagne

As if salted caramel and peanut butter isn’t enough to whet your appetite and tingle your senses, for an ultimate hit, wait for it, Strawberries and Champagne. If you don’t fancy them right now, remember, Wimbledon will be knocking on the door pretty quickly, and these are just as good but possibly much better value, than the traditional fruit dishes served there.
Like with caramel, almost everyone loves the strawberry taste. Its not really surprising that these chocolates are pretty special as vegan versions of a traditional favourite.

KAKOA again, provide us with an exceptionally refined Vegan chocolate. Lovingly labelled, Dazzling Strawberry and Champagne Vegan Truffles, cracking open a box of these in June could almost have you believe you’re there for real, at centre court that is.

The well respected Vegan brand KAKOA has blended beautiful white chocolate, made with rice and almond milk, then married it with strawberries, to present a fantastic chocolate. As if thats not enough, there’s an addition of Marc de Champagne to lift this particular favourite to even higher levels. Take a tip, don’t wait for Wimbledon, try them now.


Iconic 48 Chocolate Collection

As if life’s not difficult enough! We give you salted caramel, peanut butter and strawberries and champagne, then we tell you there is an iconic 48 chocolate box collection(of which they form a part), to consider too. Twelve, yes twelve, different, amazingly tasty, deliciously flavoured, skilfully crafted, fandabbydozee chocolates. Oh alright, borrowed the ‘fandabby’ bit from a small TV character but you get the picture.

Scrumptious flavours abound in the form of; Divine Viennese, a light creamy truffle centre made with rice and oat milk, finished with a sugar dusting. Dark side, we all have one. Tipsy champagne, hic. A crisp white chocolate shell from rice milk filled with an oat milk ganache and a dash of Marc de Champagne, oh yes please. Berry Bomb, the name says it all.
Barista Capuccino. Anyone for coffee? No? Well try these instead. Fancy a cheeky gin? Try ours. A lovely floral gin with plenty of Juniper combined with a rich oat milk ganache. Chin chin . Epic Turkish Delight, What a flavour, and what a great nod of the hat to the mystical east. A classic chocolate without doubt. Sicilian orange. No pressure, but if someone with an Italian accent says you should buy them you probably should. (All our staff are fluent in Italian) . Lastly but certainly not least Lush Milk chocolate. Everyone loves that particular stalwart.

In all the 48 box is a marvellous gift selection, dairy free, creamy rich and downright enjoyable.

You know this is probably the most ‘Chocolatey’ time of the year. Its just one thing after another. Valentines Day (a bit late for that one), Mothers Day and then of course Easter. They just keep coming, and of course going, but we are here to stay so worry not. All your chocolate gift needs are a click away. Vegan, dairy free and dairy products, we’re here to meet all your needs.


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