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Palm oil free chocolate has become a more desirable form of chocolate to produce. Sometimes what begins as a ‘good thing’, transpires, as is the case with Palm Oil, to be not quite as good or as friendly as was first thought. Because of what is now known we have chosen to produce our chocolates without palm oil as an ingredient.

What is Palm Oil?

What is Palm oil? Well, it is a vegetable oil product derived from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palms. Sounds good so far? The oil can be used in beauty products, manufacturing of foodstuffs and as a biofuel. That all sound pretty good and friendly you may think, given the modern viewpoint of planet friendly sustainability. Indeed, in 2014, palm oil accounted for 33% of the worlds oils produced from crops.

Thats where perhaps the palm oil has become a victim of it’s own success. Particularly in those regions of the world where huge amounts of deforestation has occurred in order to plant palms for oil production. There is an inevitable consequence of this deforestation, not least in its serious effects on wildlife as habitats are destroyed and or, reduced. One such effect that strikes a deep chord with many people is that upon the traditional habitats of the much loved orangutan and the Sumatran tiger.

Part of the problem is that the technique of ‘burning’ to clear land for oil palms is still employed in many regions where the palms are capable of being grown. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are particularly concerned by this and the large scale use of bio fuel derived from palm oil, suggesting the negatives as outweighing the positives.

There is some dilemma perhaps, as the oil palm is decidedly more productive than any other crop based oil production method. This can be seen when 5% of the worlds vegetable oil farmland, used to grow palms, returns 38% of the worlds vegetable oils. However, we have made the choice to offer palm oil free chocolates as a responsible alternative and
a way of doing our little bit for the preservation of ecosystems that are under increasing pressure.

Chocolate without Palm Oil

We have made the choice to provide palm oil free chocolate as part of our constant drive to be a responsible, environmentally friendly and principled organisation. In fact, to that end we have the pleasure of giving to you, the customer, a range of over 100 palm oil free chocolates.

From Our Palm Oil Free Range

There really is a comprehensive range to choose from here. Manufactured to the high quality one would expect, with more cocoa, finest ingredients and importantly, no palm oil, there is no need to compromise on your pleasure.

Ultimate Peanut Butter Vegan Milk Chocolate Truffles

We have sung the praises of this particular favourite of ours (and yours) on other occasions, but feel it becomes an even more attractive proposition when taking into account not only are these beauties Vegan but also palm oil free. If thats not enough to make you feel that they are a ‘must buy’ then maybe the fact they have won a great taste award and are manufactured using rice milk whilst being part of our respected Kakoa brand will seal the deal.

If you’re quick, you might just be in time to sample this sort of luxury in it’s hand crafted and hand finished Easter egg form. A unique gift for someone this Easter.


Friars Milk Chocolate Gin Truffles

Palm oil free doesn’t mean any difference in quality, or for that matter variety. These Friars gin truffles are great. Best enjoyed by discerning adults, (well, they do contain alcohol) who like to relax with the next best thing to a glass of something, these are a good ‘instead’ of and, whilst on the theme of substituting, are made with sunflower oil amongst other fine ingredients.

Friars Hand Made Milk Chocolates

Do chocolates get any better than these hand made beauties? In a selection of fondant creams and caramels, lovingly wrapped in fine milk chocolate, these are really good. Each chocolate is mixed, dipped and finally finished by hand, to offer you not only exceptional quality but that uniqueness of skilled, craft produced chocolate. With added intrigue because we don’t add a menu, each chocolate is a surprise to be discovered. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and identify your favourites at your leisure.

Vegan Dark Side Hazelnut Truffles

If you have a dark side and want to indulge it, these are a great way of doing so. Bringing together a 50 per cent Hazelnut praline with a 65 per cent cocoa dark chocolate can surely only be for the good. Or maybe like us, sometimes you see your indulgent streak as just a little bit naughty. Eithernway these are a lovely chocolate for anyone to enjoy in whatever frame of mind they are in.

Friars White Chocolate Champagne Truffles

If champagne conjures up images of grandeur, then these truffles will certainly convey the meaning of luxurious quality. An absolute classic, boasting an enticingly ‘boozy’ milk chocolate ganache centre. Infuse this with Marc de champagne and temper them with a smooth tasting creamy white chocolate and there it is. A finer after dinner treat will be hard to find.


Our Palm Oil Free Manufacturers

The pleasure doesn’t end here though as we have over 100 palm oil free chocolates to tantalise and set your chocolate-loving self the challenge of choosing from.

Explore our extensive range from a number of top manufacturers, including Anthon Berg from whom we can enjoy super marzipans, Goldkenn and some very fine liqueurs or maybe our very own Friars with our wide range of choice. Whichever you decide upon you can feel good about the fact you have made a friendly choice.

Whichever you decide upon you can feel good about the fact you have made a friendly choice.

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