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So what are the best Liqueur flavour chocolates? Well there are plenty of options available, and almost as many opinions as to which should take the crown. When it comes to the distinctive flavour, the test is on the tongue, or rather the effect upon it when introduced to the liqueur centre of a quality crafted chocolate. Anyone else getting that cherry liqueur taste right now? Thought so, simple, great taste and memorable, but certainly a long time favourite of many chocolate lovers.

What Is A Liqueur Chocolate?

Essentially, a liqueur chocolate has an alcohol infused filling at it’s centre. Not to be confused with a chocolate liquor, which as it happens (despite the name having the mind perceive something else) is an alcohol free, unsweetened chocolate paste. Slightly confusing but not a major setback when you’re looking to buy some delicious chocolates.

You can however, have your chocolate liqueur in a bottle, in which case it is a chocolate flavoured liqueur made from a base of whisky or vodka and contains considerably more alcohol by volume, (ABV) than a chocolate containing a liqueur centre. Which is probably a good thing and perhaps why one doesn’t often hear of drivers being chastised by the police (or the courts for that matter) for having had one too many chocolates before heading off home!

Common Chocolate Liqueur Combinations

Undoubtedly most of us are aware of cherry liqueur flavoured chocolates and of course cherry brandy, rum, orange, whisky to name but a few. There are some great combinations of fine smooth chocolate with that satisfying tongue tingle that a kick of alcohol gives when the outer shell is cracked open by an eager eater.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a liquid centre that tantalises your taste buds. It could just as easily be a fine truffle incorporating a superbly flavoured ganache, which coats the tongue whilst oozing warmth from the added alcohol. Who doesn’t like rum truffles? Champagne ones too set the bar for a quality combination of some family favourites.

What Are Our Most Popular Infused Alcohol Chocolates?

We don’t expect it to come as much of a surprise that our most popular infused chocolates are…..drum roll……Strawberry and Champagne and Rum. Yes, as mentioned above the champagne truffle is an acclaimed chocolate in it’s own right as is the ever popular rum truffle. Both are superbly presented with fine chocolate surrounding delicious centres. A real winning combination.


Strawberry And Champagne

The Friars strawberry and champagne truffle is a little matter of a fine white chocolate shell, rolled in a strawberry powder for extra luxury and when broken reveals the much anticipated ganache flavoured by fine champagne and strawberry. When we say a little matter, we don’t mean to say it’s not a big chocolate, it’s because we know it packs a huge punch of subtle flavours to be enjoyed at leisure. Absolutely delicious, and best of all you really don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy these rays of sunshine.

Rum Truffles

Yo ho ho and a bottle of, well no, not on this occasion but no need to miss out. Try our Friars rum truffles. A mix of dark and milk lets you compare the attributes of two great tasting chocolates withthe same infusion. This time it’s of Jamaican rum. You can feel the warmth, taste the finery and dare we say almost hear the Pirate’s parrot! Methods of payment may even include pieces of eight should you be lucky enough to have some laying around.

What Is Our Most Popular Liquid Centre?

Ooh, now thats a difficult one. Is it? Really? Well no, it isn’t. The wonderful marrying of cherry and liqueur takes the title for this category. Or in this instance Friars take on the theme whereby the whole cherry, stone included, is soaked in a Kirsch liqueur before being dipped in splendid chocolate. As if thats not enough, the splendid chocolate can be either dark or milk, and either way offers a satisfyingly decadent chocolate indulgence.
If there is a pinnacle of liqueur flavoured chocolates, then as well as being widely regarded as the best liqueur chocolate of them all then the cherry liqueur is truly our most popular and deservedly so.

What Is A ‘Sugar Crust’?

Sugar crusting is a method used to prepare for liquid filling of chocolates, usually liqueur filled ones. As its name suggests it is a crust made from sugar, a super saturated sugar solution, which sets to contain the liquid filling whilst allowing it to be coated with chocolate in a process referred to as enrobing. The benefits of this process are that the chocolates are longer lived, not being subject to ‘attack’ from the enclosed liquid.

Asbach Crates

If you find yourself intrigued, tempted or just like liqueurs anyway, you might like to consider our range. ASBACH crates contain a fantastic selection of liqueurs from this well known German manufacturer. Flavours include cherry brandy, hazelnut praline and coffee. Some with and others without a sugar crust, but all delicious. In fact the Asbach brandy undergoes some pretty intensive processing before gracing these fine chocolates with its truly great presence. Traditionally distilled before being stored for 3 years in Limousin oak casks and benefiting from the secrets of the Asbach maturing and refining processes.



Another very fine box comes from this Belgian manufacturer, bringing together a number of favourites including Cointreau, Remy Martin, Amaretto and Calvados. Layers are the feature here, with a sugar crust, rich chocolate robes and individually wrapped for premium feel, before safely presenting in a wooden crate. A rather swish gift or self indulgent affair.

Other Favourites

Variety is good for you. If thats the case then there are some very nice ‘good for you’ selections you can consider at Friars. Take for example our Blissfully Boozy boxes. Packed with quality infused chocolates including rum truffles, strawberry and champagne for a creamy taste, and smooth white delicate chocolate teamed with Marc de Champagne alone.

Lots of possibilities in the liqueur world. A rather good one is our luxury Irish Cream truffle. Coming in a cracking gift box, these winners are coated in fine premium chocolate decorated with flakes of dark chocolate to set them off ensuring they will be received with appreciation on any occasion.

So if you find yourself fancying a bit of a tipple but not wanting to open that bottle or pop out to the pub, there’s another way to enjoy your favourite spirit. Perhaps an even better one at that with loads of pleasure and guaranteed no hangover. With a wide range of liqueur flavoured chocolates for you to sample we are sure you will find your personal, ‘best liqueur chocolate’. You may even want to share them………………

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