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Why do we celebrate Fathers Day? Equality? We celebrate Mothers Day after all, or is it some fundamental commercial enterprise? Is it just a nice thing to do?

Well it does have its origins in history, but has become more, shall we say apparent and marked in modern times, particularly by us here in the UK. We follow the Americans and use the date of the third Sunday in June. This year that will be Sunday 19th June.

The honouring of Fathers day is really a way of recognising and appreciating paternal bonds and the influence fathers have in society. We can probably all think of the great change in that influence over the years. In fact modern thinking has fathers much more involved in the upbringing of their children than perhaps say, as little as fifty years ago. So then a good reason to think of ‘Dad’ and give him a nice day to remember once a year at least.

In Europe, many catholic countries have celebrated a fathers day since the middle ages on March 19th known as St. Joseph s day. Now thats not because all men of the day were named Joseph but because St. Joseph was referred to as Nutritor Domini, (nourisher of the lord) which is a fatherly reference. The Spanish and Portuguese introduced this celebration to the Americas when they ventured there many years ago.

Why Does Fathers Day Occur On Different Dates In Different Countries?

As is the case in many instances, a great deal of the differing can be found amongst religion and religious beliefs. The Coptic Orthodox Church for example, also celebrates a fathers day on St. Joseph’s day, although for them the date is July 20th. It is thought that this celebration may have been held as far back as the fifth century. (Coptic Orthodox is an oriental Christian church based in Egypt; Coptic being a group of dialects later superseded by Muslim Arabic).

Many other countries hold celebrations on other days. Israel do so usually in January. Visit Thailand and you will find it is celebrated on the 5th December, birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. There are many reasons ranging from memorable events or beliefs to influence of other nations.

How We Celebrate It Today

So how did it come about that the third Sunday in June is when we here celebrate fathers day? Well, back in 1909, as she listened to a Mothers day service, Sonora Smart Dodd, who had assisted her father raise her siblings after the death in childbirth of her mother, felt the fathers of the land should be equally honoured. Living in Spokane, Washington at the time she approached the Spokane Ministerial Alliance, suggesting this be done and that the date be 5th June which was her fathers birthday. The Alliance agreed the notion but chose the third Sunday in June as the date and thus modern Fathers Day began.

The Day And Date 2022

So, as stated earlier, this year Fathers Day will be Sunday 19th June; well we couldn’t let you forget now could we?

Anyway, how do we celebrate the day. To be honest there is no set formula and the method and style of the day will be as wide and varied as are fathers. It might be as simple as popping round for lunch. Taking time to have a drive out to the countryside with dad and other family members. For some a pint in the pub is as good as anything. There are of course those who will want to make the day seem a little more special. Perhaps a useful gift? Not another spade though, please, and feel free to leave the socks and hankies until Christmas. But no really, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated, (even the tie that takes its place in the drawer with the ‘collection’) after all it is the thought that counts.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

So if perhaps you’ve been steered away from adding to your fathers fashion stash, then let us point you in the direction of some pretty good alternatives for this Fathers Day. If the thought of tools is still lingering in there somewhere, why not make them a little bit different. These wont screw in a fence slat or hammer a nail, but they will taste very nice when after dinner he fancies something sweet and finely made of chocolate. Take a look at our trending chocolate tools and give him something to enjoy whilst he contemplates that next DIY task.

Chocolate Games Controller

Are the grandchildren going to be around? Will they be aching to get on the PlayStation? Grandad can join in. He can even have his own controller and when he finds he can’t keep up with the kids he can eat it!


Everything Hamper

Friars ‘everything chocolate gift hamper’ is a bit special, just like dad. An inspiring mix of smoothly delicious and mouth -wateringly good chocolates. Will he be impressed most with the signature collection box? Maybe those rather good caramel buttons will be his choice? If they are, then it will be a close run thing between those and the soft caramel truffles we would wager. Truffles are always a welcome addition to the chocolate gift and this package comes with dark ones as well as chocolate brownies. Wrap all this up in a classic black quality gift box and tie it off with a silk ribbon and there you have it.

Spice As Nice

Maybe your father just likes a very nice top quality chocolate. Thats easy then, we have a wide range of superb collections you could order up for him. Some cynics would say it’s worth getting a larger selection as being the kind of dad he is, he will be bound to share them. Working on that basis, take a look at our spicy ginger chocolate selection dark and milk with that unique flavour. If spicy is his way there are also Chilli chocolates he might enjoy.

Signature 48 Chocolate Selection

You know it could be a shrewd move to supply him with a box of 48 chocolates from our signature collection. We say this because like you, we know mum will probably enjoy ‘helping’ him out with them. There are loads more ideas on our website and in store. Novelties to hand crafted masterpieces, a perfect way to give back to your father this year.


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