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Ice Cream Flavoured Chocolates

If the very title; ‘Ice cream flavoured Chocolates’, doesn’t have you thinking of summer, then we believe if you try them, then pretty soon you will be. We are confident our Ice cream flavoured truffles will melt away some winter blues and herald thoughts of a warm summer to come. There’s something special about truffle centres anyway. Put them into a chocolate with some of the worlds favourite ice cream flavours and the result can only be delicious.

There are few resorts or sea fronts amongst other locations, that do not sport the traditional and much loved ice cream sellers.

Hot days and small children go hand in hand with ice cream for refreshment purposes. But wouldn’t it be great if that summer feeling could be prolonged and enjoyed at any time? Well, we here at Friars think we may just have gone some way towards that aim with our superb range of ice cream flavoured chocolates.

Summer, we wait for it in great anticipation with our minds, and bodies, seeing the warmer, dryer weather as our chance for doing all those things cold, wet, wintry days put on hold. If you close your eyes, relax and focus your mind, you could almost be on that beach or in that park or wherever your summer takes you. Enhance that thinking by slipping a smooth, ice cream flavoured truffle into your mouth and hey presto, you may have discovered a better place altogether.


Flavours and inspirations

Our ‘summery’, Ice cream flavoured truffles take much of their inspiration from the finest natural fruits. In particular our truly British winner, the Strawberry.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Taking inspiration from that wonderfully British summer fruit, our Strawberry ice cream flavoured chocolate is destined to be a sure fire favourite. But don’t just take our word for it. They may not usurp the traditional Wimbledon dish but they will give a good account of themselves be it at home or at the tennis court. These super truffles in a fine, creamy white chocolate shell, form a perfect combination of fruit and chocolate. Thats game, set and match.


Banana Split

Another perfect combination in the eyes of many connoisseurs, the banana and ice cream which form a superb dessert, have been given a modern twist here to give rise to a chocolate mimic. Bringing together caramel, banana and cream in a luxuriously rich chocolate casing is a piece of skilled crafting. You may not think of serving these up with a resplendent sparkler to announce its arrival, but we are confident they will be just as well received.


Caramel Fudge

Here we present two more traditional favourites, caramel and fudge. Put them together for a fantastic centre in a chocolate, and in particular in our caramel fudge ice cream flavour truffle. A very creamy caramel truffle with a fudge piece at it’s heart, presented in a fine, creamy chocolate casing with additional fudge topping. Super looking and better tasting. There’s some things that are just too good to miss.



If there is a chocolate that needs no describing then this is probably it. Not because it is any lesser a chocolate or without the quality you would expect, not even because it is a chocolate flavoured chocolate, but because, quite simply, it is a superb chocolate truffle ice cream flavoured creation. Enough said?

Raspberry Ripple

Almost as instantly recognisable as strawberry, the raspberry ripple flavoured ice cream truffle brings together more wonderful ingredients. The raspberry with creamy chocolate, is a great taste and firm favourite for many. Presented rather beautifully in a chocolate cup style it makes a great looking chocolate. Maybe slightly sharper than strawberry, but then, thats what makes us all different, the love of different things, but nonetheless a great chocolate truffle centre to be enjoyed any time.

If there is something decidedly better than any one of these incredible flavours, it has to be the fact that we offer them in collectives. Gathered together in a smart looking box, we have 24 chocolates with enough of each variety to satisfy the most demanding aficionado. If you prefer to settle on your individual favourite, then we can make sure you are satisfied with our smaller but equally good flavour specific packages.

So there we have it, or should we say there we have five good reasons to bring on the summer. To prolong the summer we suggest sampling all five flavours, partly because we are confident you’ll love them and partly because in doing, we retain around 75 per cent of information (according to the learning pyramid).

Teaching others enables us to retain more information but who really wants to teach others to eat our favourite treats? Sharing to a degree yes, but there are limits! Look at it this way, that 75 per cent will be good to store away for those cooler, more demanding days, to be brought out, with of course the chocolates, to sit back, enjoy and reminisce.

Oh, just one thing, don’t store these in the fridge. Ice cream flavoured they are, but fridges are not chocolate friendly. Roll on summer.

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