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Yes new for our range and yes, Ice Cream chocolates! It was probably inevitable that two of the most loved and consumed sweet delicacies should at some point be combined to offer an even better prospect for taste bud satisfaction. There aren’t many who don’t like chocolate and possibly even fewer who don’t like ice cream. Or should that be the other way round? Whichever, it certainly conjures up a delicious way to indulge in both.

We have touched on the historic origins of chocolate previously, so this time it may be interesting to look at the ‘known’, or perhaps more fittingly, believed, origins of ice cream. It seems incredible that such a delicacy may have originated as far back as 550 BC, without the convenience of our now, much expected and taken for granted, home freezer to afford the luxury of such frozen foods.

There are some references to ice cream style foods as far back as the above date, in Persia, and then in 500 BC, when the Greeks would use snow to cool drinks. Others have claimed that Nero had ice collected from the mountains leading to the making of sorbet mixed with honey and wine. There are also accounts of ice cream being introduced by the Mongols and as their empire expanded they introduced it to the Chinese.

Whatever the true origin was, we can be sure that ice and snow were prized ingredients in some ancient cuisines, notably Chinese, Greek, Roman and Japanese amongst them. The Persians also knew how to chill drinks with ice acquired by freezing water overnight in the desert.

The possibility of ‘proper’ ice cream however came about with the discovery of the Endothermic process. Now things could get a little over technical here, but suffice to say that for us lovers of the frozen cream it simply put, became possible to freeze cream with the addition of salt rather than as previously when it could only be chilled.

The technique of this freezing only became known from any European sources in the 16th century.

Recipes for ice cream appeared in the 18th century in England when Mrs. Mary Eales Receipts was published in London in 1718.

As you can imagine, prior to the availability of refrigeration, making ice cream was a laborious task and was a treat saved for special occasions. The ice had to be cut during winter months and stored, often in brick or wood houses insulated with straw. An American by the name of Frederic Tudor of Boston, turned ice harvesting into a big business. The ice would be cut in New England and stored before being shipped around the world.

During the 1870s when German Carl Von Linde developed the industrial refrigeration process, the need to cut and store ice was removed. Later, in 1926 when the continuous process freezer was perfected the commercial mass production and greater availability of ice cream was underway and so began the modern ice cream industry.


Friars Ice Cream Chocolates

As we are in the business of chocolate, we can also appreciate the appeal of ice cream and thus we have developed our very own ice cream chocolates. The marriage is a fitting one, with plenty of choice and flavours for the discerning taster to discover and choose from.


If there aren’t many people who don’t like chocolate, ice cream or both, there are probably just as few who don’t like Strawberries. So its no surprise that these are one of our favourites in this range. Inspired by the traditional summer indulgence, these creamy white chocolate, strawberry flavoured truffles are great to enjoy any time. No need to wait for Wimbledon, set your tongue on course for a smoothly delicious summer treat whenever your heart desires.

Banana Split

As well as being a fantastic yet simply created dessert, there is now our very own Banana Split chocolate to fill the void. A wonderful combination of bananas, caramel and cream in a rich chocolate casing. Really, what’s not to like about these beauties.


Caramel Fudge Ice Cream Chocolates

Given full title, because these just look so good they deserve the recognition. A truly, may we say, beautiful chocolate. Additionally, with a creamy caramel truffle containing a fudge centre, a masterpiece of confectionery. They should be consumed with pleasure at your leisure.

We also offer Chocolate flavour and the ever loved Raspberry Ripple versions of our ice cream range. As if thats not enough, don’t forget for an even more satisfying venture into this world of superior chocolate indulgence, there is the Limited Edition Ice Cream collection of 24 fabulous chocolates.

You just know these won’t be laying around for long. They are a limited edition, so get your skates on, rollers not winter blades, and scoot along to the website or one of our stores to secure yours.

If you do find you’ve missed the chance, don’t be too dismayed. As an alternative you could always take advantage of our flavoured chocolate buttons and with a little ingenuity melt them onto some nice ice cream. There are some pretty nifty flavours among or buttons too. Now there’s a thought for a hot summers day, or any day you fancy really.

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