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We should all take the time to ask why self care is so important. Asking it of ourselves is perhaps the first step toward understanding why and eventually building upon and improving our own well being. There are organisations that can help in this search for our inner wellness, for example the Self Care Forum, a national charity whose aim is to further and embed into everyday life a practice of self caring.

Self care is really about the actions that individuals take for themselves, whether that be with or on behalf of others too, in order to develop and sustain their health and wellness.

Of course we are complex subjects, and so there are various aspects that form part of the overall picture when looking to achieve such well-being. It would be simple if for example, being paid a huge amount each month was the answer, or maybe living in a certain environment or, well the list is long. But we all know of those lottery winners who will tell us money isn’t everything, nor is just living in the countryside with splendid views. At least this applies to the majority of us, so then we need to address other aspects of ourselves to gain that comprehensive wellness we would all like to have.

Here, we look at some of the better known aspects of self care.

Mental Self Care

Often overlooked and taken for granted, mental health is the unseen part of the whole. Putting on a brave face, or avoiding circumstances that might cause some mental turmoil is common but can conversely cause some deeper damage. The mind is a wonderful thing, and sometimes a great place to be on one’s own, but, as gregarious creatures by nature, our thoughts, troubles and worries are often far better shared.

Mental self care includes setting time aside to declutter your mind leading to an ability to de-stress and thus in general feel better mentally. This can be done by undertaking activities, (sport has long been recognised as a great way to feel mentally better), perhaps making a regular schedule to do something that gives you a ‘good’ feeling each day. There can be time set aside to achieve this, the activity doesn’t have to be grand or excessive (unless that makes you happy) but can be quite simple. Reading, listening to music, watching TV or just going for a walk are all things that can be easily done, and if as a result you feel more relaxed, calm, de-stressed from the problems of the day, then job done.


Emotional Self Care

Emotional self care defined is the simple act of learning to allow yourself to feel emotions for what they are. The important part is to not have judgement on those feelings but to take them for what they are, your emotions as manifested in response to what you have experienced. This can be quite difficult at first, as we have tendencies to feel obliged to respond in certain fashion to what we see and hear. It is important to take time out to manage our emotions which in turn contributes to our overall well-being. Failing to do so can lead to frustration and feelings of ‘burn out’ for example.

There are some easy ways to assist with achieving personal emotional stability once one has learned how to accept emotions for what they are. This could be as simple as keeping a diary. Some find meditation useful while others can relate via therapy. Understanding how our emotional state impacts on our interactions can be enlightening and beneficial for our personal health.

Spiritual Self Care

One other aspect of looking after yourself is to be found in spiritual self care. This can be seen as you understanding your higher or authentic self, in fact the ‘real’ you, and what you do as a ritual or action to further that connection to that higher self. This real you, is the one unaffected by fear, ego or the limitations of beliefs. Whilst emotional and spiritual self care may seem quite similar, they differ in that spiritual is centred around you and you alone. This is not dependent upon your actions and experiences concerning others.

Some of the benefits of spiritual wellness are an inner peace and calm, deeper connection to others and a renewed sense of purpose.


Physical Self Care

Often the first and usually the most noticeable aspect of our self care on which we focus on is our physical self care. Here is where many of us direct our greater efforts to sustain an aspect of care, which in truth has a crossover to other aspects so is certainly worthwhile. Physical well being is such an easy thing for us to contribute to and can range from a brisk walk to a strenuous workout.

The results can make us feel better, live better (maybe longer) and even look better! We can set our own objectives for our physical selves and we can work towards them at our own pace and in our own time while enjoying the benefits. Physical gains can be achieved via all manner of activities. Perhaps even better, they can often be gained without costing money as they can be as varied as we are as individuals. The possibilities to undertake them are endless.

More often than not a sleep after considerable sporting exertions, is a deeper and more satisfying sleep. The natural chemicals released during physical activities (endorphins) are well known to most of us for the feel good factor. These endorphins are the brains natural response to a number of factors including stress, physical and psychological exertions and pain. But they are also released as response to more positive actions such as exercise, eating, or even a hot shower.


A Contribution To Wellness?

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The sentiment is look after yourself. Hopefully this has given some food for thought and there really is no pun intended.

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