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White chocolate is in itself an intriguing affair, but how is white Vegan chocolate made and how does it differ? The intrigue is mostly because its a contradiction in terms, but also because its a rather nice take on our favourite type of confection. For some people white chocolate is a rich creamy delight to be enjoyed occasionally and savoured always. There’s something about that creamy sensation as the chocolate melts and coats the tongue with that flavour which is quite distinct from other forms of chocolate. Incidentally, the melting point of cocoa butter, a primary ingredient of white chocolate, is 35 degrees C.

In order to highlight the difference between Vegan white chocolate and white chocolate, it’s probably helpful to talk a little about the making of white chocolate first.

What Is Traditional White Chocolate?

Ordinary chocolate as we might refer to milk and dark forms, is manufactured using chocolate liquor, the raw unsweetened non fat mass taken from the cocoa bean before any additions. Traditional white chocolate is made from the cocoa butter obtained from the cocoa bean and doesn’t have any of the cocoa mass, the chocolate liquor, used to make other forms. It does though contain milk solids and milk fats.

In fact there are regulations in place to the effect that white chocolate must contain by weight; 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids and 3.5% milk fats before it can be marketed as, white chocolate.

Because the milk referred to comes from cows we can see that white vegan chocolate must be dairy free in order to be called both dairy free chocolate and vegan white chocolate. An interesting snippet; white chocolate contains only trace amounts of the stimulants, theobromine and caffeine unlike its milk and dark family members. Looking above, it is obvious that white chocolate is not vegan as it has milk (dairy products) added.

So What Would Make White Chocolate Vegan White Chocolate?

In order to be known as Dairy free chocolate then, our chocolate must not contain any ingredients derived from dairy products. In order to be vegan white chocolate it must not contain any ingredients derived from any animal products. Unsurprisingly, the substituting of plant based milk for the dairy milk content and of course the substituting of the milk solids gives us our vegan white chocolate option. On the whole, making it dairy free chocolate goes a long way towards making it white vegan chocolate.

However it has to be borne in mind that Dairy free chocolate might in fact contain other ingredients derived from animal products and would be unsuitable for vegans. Conversely, vegan white chocolate would be suitable for anyone looking for a dairy free chocolate option.

As cocoa butter is a significant part of our vegan white chocolate and derived from the cocoa bean, white chocolate is already a good way towards being vegan white chocolate. Removing the dairy ingredients which are replaced with for example, oat milk and sunflower lecithin, gives us the opportunity to provide great vegan white chocolates.

We do use other plant based ingredients too of course. These might include Soy lecithin, coconut fat, rice starch to name but a few. However, rest assured these vegan white chocolates will be completely free of animal products. It’s worth pointing out that cocoa butter is pretty rich and creamy in it’s own right. Add some wonderfully rich and creamy tasting oat milk and the result can only be good. There are many people who, for one reason or another are choosing dairy free options in their foods, so it’s only fair they can also have some great choices when it comes to chocolate. In fact our vegan white chocolate will probably greatly increase the choice for not only vegans but those with an intolerance for dairy products.

When it comes to those great vegan white chocolate options we are right up there with the best of them (we think we are the best) but you can be the judge of that.

Some Vegan White Chocolate Options

Vegan Mega White Truffles

Possibly at the top of the tree, our mega white truffles are a stand alone star. Beautifully made and presented, rich and creamy, oozing quality. A hint of vanilla enhances the overall quality of these delicious truffles. A very smooth almost irresistible treat, for yourself or someone you want to impress. Mega in all ways but a wonderful vegan white chocolate for sure.

Vegan Tipsy Champagne Truffles

If there’s a celebration going on and you want to toast the moment then raise a glass or maybe just pop a champagne truffle if the real things not around. These could be an even better option, super smooth vegan white chocolate teamed up with a fantastic Marc de Champagne infused ganache.
Not too much to call them exquisitely good.

Vegan Supreme Cookies And Cream Chocolates

There are some matches that, although not made in heaven have to be considered as almost heavenly. Our cookies and cream are in with a chance of being considered such a match. With the iconic ice cream flavour of the same name as a role model, these vegan white chocolate and vegan cookie crumb combination favourites are a winner. Creamy as they come with oat milk richness. As nice as the ‘ice’ and just as cool to give or take. A classy vegan white chocolate indeed.

Right then, having established the grounds for white chocolate to be given that title and exploring the reasons for vegan white chocolate being so named, what better than to dive into the options we have available. After all, we could write about them all day, but nothing will compare to that taste.

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