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The obvious point to consider before answering the question relating to cacao percentage is what in fact is cacao? ‘Theobroma Cacao’, derived from the Greek, which translates to “food of the gods”, is the tree whose pods provide us with the beans that ultimately, form the most desirable part of our chocolate.

What Does Cocao Percentage Mean?

Cacao percentage is the processed bean mass in whichever of its forms that our chocolate contains.

Many refer to the tree and unrefined seeds as cacao. Once processed into one of a number of forms, powder, butter, nibs, for example, the term cocoa is more likely to be used. So simply put, the percentage shown on the wrapper tells us the amount of cocoa mass in the chocolate. For example 75% would let us know that cocoa in the form of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter, forms 75% of the product. This means that ingredients such as sugar, milk, or nuts if a chocolate and nut bar, form the remaining 25%.

Generally speaking, the higher the cocoa content the darker and stronger the chocolate and the less sugar content. It is true that dark higher cacao percentage chocolate has a slightly bitter and certainly stronger taste than milk chocolate. But like many good things, it comes down to the preference of the individual.

Think of it in similar fashion to coffee perhaps.

We all know someone who likes the spoon to stand ‘upright in the cup’ to attest to the strength of their cuppa. That strength would be too much for others who would plump for a much weaker, milkier affair. Just as that weaker version would likely contain more milk and sugar, less actual coffee, the same analogy can be applied to your chocolate.

Is A Higher Cocao Percentage Better?

If your taste is moved by strong flavours then the answer would be yes it’s better. It can also be considered so if you don’t want to consume higher quantities of sugar when you give yourself a rich chocolate treat. For that particular reason alone many people choose dark chocolate. It should be noted though, the cocoa percentage can be a combination of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the fatty oil from the bean that gives the rich creamy taste in chocolate. It can depend on those particular combinations as to whether a 65% bar contains more cocoa solids than a 75% bar, which may have more cocoa butter incorporated.

Is A Higher Cocao Percentage Healthier?

As we know, chocolate in it’s purest form is plant based and therefore as one would expect, pretty healthy. It’s also nutritious and contains many desirable constituents that provide us with ‘mood lifting’ effects, anti-inflammatories and anti oxidants (more than say blueberries).

However, it’s important to be informed as with all things. Chocolate is high in calories and anyone wishing to lose or not gain weight should eat it in moderation. To be fair though, that applies to much of our diets and so shouldn’t rule out eating chocolate altogether.

On a positive note, as we highlighted earlier, darker, higher percentage chocolate will contain less sugar.

Milk Chocolates

In the UK, milk chocolate must contain a minimum of 25% cocoa solids to meet the required standards. This of course means there’s usually higher sugar content and of course the addition of milk, or as in our vegan range, plant based milks such as Oat and Rice. The combinations are still high quality ingredients as you’d expect and cater for the tastes of those milk chocolate lovers amongst us.

White Chocolates

White chocolate on the other hand must contain a minimum of 20% cocoa butter. Still there are people who, as much as others love dark strong chocolate, are equally captivated by creamy white and so it’s important they too have a choice.

Our Chocolate Truffles Range

One way to explore and find your own particular favourite level of cocoa content is to munch your way through a selection of our delicious truffles. With some fantastic centres and delicious chocolate wrapping these are a great way to test the taste.


Dark Cocoa Truffles

If you’re pretty sure you like dark and strong then jump straight in with the cocoa truffles in dark smooth bitter sweet finery. That finery contains 72% cocoa solids minimum; enough to satisfy your very dark side which will be equally pleased by the delightful creamy centre within.

Dark Chocolate Amaretto Truffles

If you prefer something a little less forceful, take a look at these lovely Amaretto truffles, a beautiful dark chocolate ganache of 52% cocoa solids encased in a nifty little coat of flaked almonds, not forgetting the added drop of Amaretto.


Luxury Milk and Dark Rum Truffles

If you’re one of those slightly indecisive types, then perhaps we have the answer. The 72% dark chocolate truffles are perfectly balance against our smooth milk chocolate option, all in the same finely crafted packaging. Enjoy the flavours of both chocolate styles while your tongue is ‘tanged’ by the infused Jamaican rum. What could be better.


Signature Chocolate Truffles 24 Selection

If you are really sitting on the fence, or maybe you just love chocolate in all its forms, this could be an ideal choice for you. Presenting, dark, milk and white chocolates with amazing centres all in one smashing box. A selection of our top selling ranges with firm favourites such as Orange, Rum, Vanilla, Cocoa and Viennese. Go on, you know you want to and besides to be able to comment surely you have to try them all?

At the end of the day, you know you’ll be choosing chocolate with a 35 to 72 per cent content in our truffles. It really is a range as broad and diverse as you are.

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