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Why is dark chocolate good for you people ask. Can chocolate really be good for you at all say some. In way of response it is perhaps good to know that essentially chocolate is a plant based product and thus should be good for you. Obviously there are limits to the quantity of chocolate one should consume, but isn’t that true of all foodstuffs anyway?

For example apples are hailed as healthy and blueberries classed as a superfood, but it wouldn’t be wise, or advised, to munch your way through 2 or 3 pounds of either at one sitting. Likewise chocolate can be good for you, but as with all things, in moderation.

There are some powerful reasons to believe that chocolate in general is good for you. Particularly when taking into account the nutrients to be found within chocolate, it becomes easier to see why this is so. Why is dark chocolate good for you then, or as sometimes claimed, why is dark chocolate better for you?

Dark Chocolate


In general because dark chocolate has a much higher cocoa content, and when that figure is 70 per cent or above, plenty of essential nutrients and fibre, the latter promoting good gut health.

Some of the desirable benefits of dark chocolate which also answers that question of why dark chocolate is better for you, are the high levels of some dietary minerals. These include copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc to name a few.

Another important factor with dark chocolate, and another factor giving reason to why dark chocolate is better for you, is the lesser sugar content than that found in milk chocolate. Importantly, sugar provides lots of calories but little in terms of nutrients. Our bodies tend to take longer to get the signal for ‘switching off’ the supply of food from sweet stuff, whereas nutrients tends to stimulate that signal much earlier.

This is the reason why when eating dark chocolate you will find it leaves you feeling sated after a smaller amount is consumed. This is obviously better for you, and in particular for your waistline, than consuming a whole bar in one sitting. Again this is another reason why dark chocolate is better for you and at the same time why it can be said dark chocolate is good for you.

Chocolate Can Be Good For You


If chocolate can actually be good for you then much of that good effect will be attributed to the beliefs that it can have potential benefits for your heart, brain and gut. There are also many as yet unproven claims of the overall health benefits of dark chocolate too.

A particularly popular aspect of chocolate health perception and an addition to reasoning why dark chocolate is good for you as well as why dark chocolate is better for you is that it contains polyphenols from the cocoa bean. These are a type of antioxidant, and whilst some are lost in the production process, are still to be found in greater number than those contained in blueberries or certain teas or red wines.

Some studies have indicated that these polyphenols can benefit your cholesterol levels , boosting the good and lowering the bad with overall benefits. If this alone is correct for many it would be a major reason to say dark chocolate is good for you and indeed dark chocolate is better. While this is to be applauded, it should be remembered that over consumption of chocolate will have a counter productive effect due to the levels of sugar and saturated fats.


A further suggestion is that the flavonols contained in dark chocolate are linked to improved oxygen levels, blood flow, and nerve function in the brain.

While some of these aspects require further study in controlled situations, there is one factor of which we are all surely aware. Eating chocolate makes us feel good. It’s true, it just does, and the reason for this?Again, some attribute this to the flavanols which stimulate the release of endorphins. Together with other cocoa compounds which release serotonin, a mood enhancer these factors are said to be some part of why we feel good when we eat chocolate. Whatever the outcome of such studies, there is no doubt that generally chocolate eating makes us feel good. For that reason alone we can say dark chocolate is good for you.

Whether thats the case or not, we can be sure that dark chocolate is good for us and even that dark chocolate is better for us, if for nothing other than the high cocoa content which our dark chocolate provides. Nutrients, minerals and feel good factor chemicals. All from one of natures finest sources. Hard to argue against it really.

Delectably Dark Chocolates


Perhaps the ultimate decider on the question of why dark chocolate is good for us or indeed why dark chocolate is better, is trying out our delectably dark chocolate selection. With fine dark chocolates boasting a cocoa content of 60 to 72% cocoa solids we feel sure you will be won over.

Feel the smooth sensation of Jamaican rum truffle or drink up the delicious kirsch liqueur from our cherry truffle, not forgetting the plump cherry centre. You don’t have to save them for after dark, but you may enjoy them as you relax late evening and unwind, letting the chocolates ease you away into that ‘good’ place. Let your darker side lead. It may just be keeping you healthier.

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