10 Unusual Chocolate Flavours You Should Try | Friars

We stock a wide and comprehensive catalogue of chocolates and flavours at Friars. Here, we look at 10 Unusual chocolate flavours we think you really ought to try. Sometimes change and diversity is good for the soul as well as the palate, but don’t just take our word for it jump in and have a try for yourself. 1. Friars Florentine Chocolate To start you off, what about these wonderfully crunchy bite size offerings? Slivered Almonds with Pistachios and caramel topping a half dipped smooth Hazelnut praline chocolate. Crazily good,... Read More


More Chocolate, Less Packaging | Friars

More chocolate and less packaging! Theres a good idea and what a thought. Well, you enjoy looking at the package but the ultimate pleasure is, as with pudding, in the eating. After all is said and done that packaging is destined for once place, and one place only, the bin. But wait, what if we could do something about that? Yes ultimately it will still be disposed of. But what if that disposal didn’t need to leave a ‘scar’ on the environment? This could really be a worthwhile achievement. The... Read More


Award Winning Vegan Chocolate | Friars

Vegan Chocolate is becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of chocolate connoisseurs, so one can imagine how, “Award Winning Vegan Chocolate”, can really capture the imagination.Whatever ones preconceived perceptions around the Vegan aspect of food or as in this case confectionery, the test is to take the plunge and decide for yourself just how good these products are. Particularly here, where treating your taste-buds would become a most special occasion by having them experience justifiably acclaimed, award winning vegan chocolates from our Kakoa range. Kakoa Vegan Chocolates Don’t just take... Read More


How Are Reduced Sugar Chocolates Made? | Friars

How are reduced sugar chocolates made in these health conscious times?In easy terms reduced sugar chocolates are produced with a reduction of the sugar content. This is a popular trend with many people, and indeed PHE (Public Health England) have set out guidelines for reduction of sugars in foodstuffs. Individuals are also becoming increasingly health conscious and whilst sugar is present in many natural forms, it is when used as an additional ingredient that it can become a cause of concern to consumers.PHE have set out their voluntary guidelines for... Read More


What is bloomed chocolate? | Friars

So, is Bloomed Chocolate a flowery confection with delightful scents and petal formations? Not quite. Simply put, “Bloomed” is the term given to describe chocolate that has undergone a change in one of two respects, giving the chocolate a whitish / grey appearance on its surface.The two types of change we’re looking at are Fat Bloom, caused not unsurprisingly by changes to the fats in the chocolate and Sugar Bloom, again not unsurprisingly caused by changes to the sugar content becoming subject to moisture and crystallising on the chocolates surface.... Read More


Why Do We Have Advent Calendars? | Friars

Why do we have Advent calendars? Well, simply put, in these modern times we have them to count down the days until Christmas day. Pretty much as those days would have been counted down in the 1800s. They are a great way to involve younger members of the family in the joys and anticipation of the coming of Christmas. A daily build up until the excitement peaks on Christmas Eve! Or perhaps like some families, well ours really, (big kids that we are), you refer to “Christmas Eve eve in... Read More


How Vegan Milk Chocolate Is Made | Friars

So how is vegan milk chocolate made? Well I suppose a good starting point is to define vegan in the context of chocolate making. Here’s the good news. In its raw form chocolate is, yes you guessed it, vegan! What makes this a fact is that chocolate is derived from the cacao bean, the fruit of the cacao tree and thus it is indeed inherently plant based. Therefore, in its unadulterated form the cacao bean begins the process resulting in the creation of the delight we all know as chocolate.... Read More


Where Does Chocolate Come From? | Friars Chocolate

We all love the stuff; but where does chocolate come from, what is its history and where did it all start. Well, it has its beginnings set in Mesoamerica, (Middle America) stretching back to 450 BC when the people of that time enjoyed fermented beverages made from chocolate. We can imagine even now how those ancient civilisations would settle back for a luxurious bowl of chocolate before retiring for the night. It is perhaps not surprising that the Aztecs believed that cacao (cocoa) seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the... Read More


Trick or Treat? Halloween Treats & Spirits at Friars

First of all, can anyone else not quite believe that it’s almost Halloween already!? 2021 is passing in record time and whilst we’re very glad it’s almost Christmas (yay more chocolate), we’re still taking a bit of time to process just how quickly it’s really going. Oh well, spooky season is upon us and we think now is the perfect time to introduce you to some perfect chocolate treats for this halloween season, as well as some special spirits, for those who enjoy a tipple and a pun over the... Read More


What is Palm Oil and why are People Avoiding it? | Friars Chocolate

A new consumer trend which is becoming more and more popular as 2021 progresses is the awareness of palm oil, something that is now encouraging more and more shoppers to check if their products contain palm oil before they buy it. So, what exactly is it that is driving this new found palm oil woke-ness?  Palm Oil Basics In essence, palm oil is an edible vegetable based oil which comes from the fruit of oil palm trees. Manufacturing the oil can have two end products, crude palm oil from the... Read More