Asbach Brandy Liqueurs A Brief History

Asbach Uralt Brandy is a hugely popular liqueur throughout Germany. Asbach Uralt acquires its unique and distinctive taste through traditional distillation, careful storage for at least three years in Limousin oak casks and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process. It is believed Asbach Brandy and chocolate were first combined in 1920’s when it was still unthinkable for women to drink alcohol in public places. It was against this background that Hugo Asbach created his magnificent chocolates originally aimed at the sophisticated lady.    


What’s New This Halloween

Halloween Ghost Chocolate Gift Box Terrifyingly tasty Halloween chocolates. Bat Lolly Wickedly delicious Bat lolly.   Boo T-Light Funky ghost decoration that can be used year after year. Felt Gift Bag Chocolate pumpkins and a ghost in a haunted house gift bag. Chocolate Skulls Devilishly good chocolate skulls.        


Our New Meybona Chocolate Bars

Meybona are a Germany company located in the pretty town of  Lohne. They have been making chocolate for over 90 years and it is fair to say they know a thing or two about what makes a good chocolate, and their new bars are not a disappointment. They have some really quirky flavours such as Raspberry & Lemon and Cherry & Poppy Seeds definitely worth a try. Click here to see the full selection. Save Save Save Save

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Psssst……Christmas Is Coming….It’s Alright To Have A Look!

Here a quick off look at some of our favorite products for this Xmas. Don’t you just love Christmas?! Sprouts Chocolates A crisp white chocolate shell is coloured green and then filled with a smooth milk chocolate truffle filling. They look super realistic and it gets better…..they are alcohol free! Prosecco Truffles After months of top secret research and product testing we are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive Prosecco truffles.  A white chocolate shell is filled with a smooth milk chocolate ganache, finished beautifully with a splash... Read More


Chocolate That’s Great From The Fridge

Normally if you said you stored your chocolate in the fridge one of our staff here at Friars would give you a ticking off (in a nice way!). A cool dark place is what we suggest as the taste and appearance of the chocolate can be affected if it is exposed to extreme changes in temperature. The appearance changes as the sugar can rise to the surface making the chocolate look like it has gone mouldy, this is known as blooming. The chocolate will still be edible, although the texture... Read More


Father’s Day – One Of Our Directors Talks About His Experience

Father’s day (19th June) is fast approaching and over the last few months we have been planning and designing our delicious range. With the two directors of the company both young Father’s there has been a heightened focus this year. Director Richard Webster spoke to us about how he looks at Father’s day. ‘Being a Father now it has made me think a little differently about Father’s Day. It’s nice receiving a little gift on the day, for me it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that has been... Read More


How We Sample New Chocolates

At Friars we make sure our range changes regularly so when you come in store or view our website there will always be something new and different from your last visit. Tastes and fashions are constantly changing, 5 years ago salted caramel was very much in its infancy, now it is right up there with our bestselling chocolates. As well as keeping our customers interested it also gives us a good excuse to try some new chocolates (tough I know). Sampling chocolate is a little different to eating chocolate in... Read More


Brownie Bites Milkshake

      1. To make whipped cream, combine heavy cream, sugar and vanilla in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Beat on high using the whisk attachment until soft peaks form. Place the bowl in freezer until you’re ready to assemble milkshakes. 2. Place ice cream, brownie pieces, milk, coffee and chocolate syrup in a blender. Blend until smooth with tiny brownie pieces visible. 3.  Melt your favourite flavour of Friar’s Chocolate Buttons and then drizzle chocolate  on inside of tall glass. Pour in milkshake and top with whipped cream,... Read More


New Gnaw Chocolate Bars

We love finding new products to stock and our most recent find is Gnaw chocolate bars! Produced in Norfolk using premium chocolate sourced from West Africa and Brazil using ethical suppliers, Gnaw chocolate is made with a high percentage of cocoa, using only the best quality cocoa butter. They are also free from artificial colours and flavours, which is fantastic as some of the flavours are certain to appeal to children. These scrumptious chocolate bars are available in a range of flavours but we could only really choose 6 to... Read More