Dark Chocolate


Why Am I Craving Chocolate? | Friars

Why am I craving chocolate you might ask. Well if you have asked yourself that question you’re probably not alone. Theres something about chocolate that makes it an almost addictive “go to” when the urge strikes. Comfort, feel good, celebratory, rounding off a meal, all valid reasons to indulge, but just why am I craving chocolate to fulfill these needs? Well, its probably best to not get overly technical or scientific as to why you might be craving chocolate. Suffice to say that some chocolate ingredients are involved in giving... Read More


Why Is Dark Chocolate Good For You? | Friars

Why is dark chocolate good for you people ask. Can chocolate really be good for you at all say some. In way of response it is perhaps good to know that essentially chocolate is a plant based product and thus should be good for you. Obviously there are limits to the quantity of chocolate one should consume, but isn’t that true of all foodstuffs anyway? For example apples are hailed as healthy and blueberries classed as a superfood, but it wouldn’t be wise, or advised, to munch your way through... Read More