How To Plan The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt | Friars

How to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt can be a pretty daunting task when there are demanding, excited and imaginative kids to cater for. However, planning doesn’t have to be a major operation, unless you’d like it to be that is. We would love to be helpful in your planning this year and we are confident that together with our great Easter chocolates and tips we can if nothing else, provide some delicious treats and some ideas for consideration. So, the Easter egg hunt can be a short, rewarding... Read More

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History of Chocolate Easter Eggs | Friars

Before looking into the history of the Chocolate Easter Egg, we might like to be aware of the possible origins of ‘Easter Egging’. Undoubtedly the practice of giving Chocolate eggs that we have today, was influenced by the traditional giving of decorated, Pace Eggs, from many years ago. The name Pace, is derived from the Latin pascha (Easter). The term Pace Egg is an old fashioned English wording for Easter Egg. It used to be custom to gift decorated and dyed chicken eggs at Easter, but this in modern times... Read More


Find Out More About the World’s Biggest Easter Egg | Friars

Leading up to the Easter period, we love nothing more than dreaming up magical Easter chocolate creations, that’s why we invest a huge amount of time and research into producing the very best, luxury Easter chocolates. Take our Luxury Chocolate Egg-Stravaganza for example, a decadent chocolate egg with an extra thick shell made from delicious milk chocolate and a gentle touch of white chocolate, stuffed full of fantastic chocolate egg truffles. Or, why not explore our Kakoa Vegan Iconic Chocolate Easter Egg, a vegan plant based chocolate egg that boasts... Read More


Here’s Why We Eat Chocolate at Easter | Friars Chocolates

Enjoying luxury chocolates at Easter is something we all love to do. Whether it’s a classic chocolate egg, or something more creative like a bag of chocolate bunnies, many of us do find an excuse during the Easter period to consume some delicious chocolates. The question is though, how many of us have stopped to think about why we do it?  If we strip it right back, we know that Easter is of course a religious festival, it’s a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus,... Read More


Brand New For Easter 2019

Easter is a great time of year, it signals the end of winter, flowers are popping up and the days start to get longer. It is also a great excuse to get creative with chocolate…which is always fun. We have around 20 new Easter items this year making perfect gits for adults, kids, Easter hunts and even a little self indulgence. Here are our top picks. Luxury Prosecco Easter Egg Our luxury prosecco Easter egg is the perfect combination of fine prosecco and exquisite chocolate treats. All you will need... Read More


Competition – Win A Chocolate Easter Bunny

Win our fantastic chocolate Easter bunny and chick couple. Starting from 15 March 2018. Go to our facebook page and comment on the photo saying who it reminds you of. Best answer wins! We’ll pick a winner on 27th March 2018; just in time for Easter.    


A Friars Easter Hunt

Looking for that perfect hiding spot for the kids Easter Eggs this year? Well here at Friars, we have come up with a few ideas of our own to create that magical hunt for all the children to enjoy! Plus, as we know what the English weather can be like we have gone one step further, and come up with some ideas for hiding spots indoors. Have fun!!! Outdoors: 1. Place inside of toy wagons or wheelbarrows 2. Perch on a swing 3. Hide on or under a garden chair... Read More


Brand New This Easter

Hotcross Bun Chocolates The traditional hot cross bun just got better with our delicious hot cross bun chocolate. High cocoa milk chocolate is combined fruit and cinnamon for a delicious treat. Luxury Easter Eggs Specifically designed to suit the milk, dark or white chocolate connoisseur, these eggs will not disappoint. A large 15cm chocolate egg  is complimented beautifully by giant half truffle eggs in death by chocolate, Eton mess and salted caramel flavours. Gummy Carrots Sweets Great fun gummy Easter carrot sweet in orange flavour. Easter Chocolate Box A delicious... Read More