How We Sample New Chocolates

At Friars we make sure our range changes regularly so when you come in store or view our website there will always be something new and different from your last visit. Tastes and fashions are constantly changing, 5 years ago salted caramel was very much in its infancy, now it is right up there with our bestselling chocolates. As well as keeping our customers interested it also gives us a good excuse to try some new chocolates (tough I know). Sampling chocolate is a little different to eating chocolate in... Read More

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Champagne vs Prosecco… What’s all the fizz about?

If that Friday feeling leaves you wanting something with a little fizz in it chances are you’ll be reaching for a bottle of  sparkling wine. Depending on the location and types of grapes used will determine if it’s labeled Champagne or Prosecco. History of Champagne There are lots of rules associated with the Champagne label. Those rules are part of the reason why it is more expensive than Prosecco. Rule No. 1:  To be called Champagne it must be produced from specific grapes grown in the Champagne region in France.... Read More