Trick or Treat? Halloween Treats & Spirits at Friars

First of all, can anyone else not quite believe that it’s almost Halloween already!? 2021 is passing in record time and whilst we’re very glad it’s almost Christmas (yay more chocolate), we’re still taking a bit of time to process just how quickly it’s really going. Oh well, spooky season is upon us and we think now is the perfect time to introduce you to some perfect chocolate treats for this halloween season, as well as some special spirits, for those who enjoy a tipple and a pun over the... Read More

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The Magic Of Halloween

On one mystic magic night, Jack O Lanterns glowing bright, kids with bags of candy sweet, roam door to door and street to street, all dressed up for trick or treat!Wizards with wands, pirates with hooks, monsters and clowns with spooky looks,kings and queens with capes and crowns, a princess in her royal gown,witches with warts and fairies with wings movies stars with sparkling rings,vampires with fangs that bite, ghost that boo all dressed in white. Imaginations taken flight, on that one mystic magic night. Oh, the fun of Halloween,... Read More


Why Do We Give Sweets To Trick or Treaters?

Being based in the heart of the Lake District;  Autumn has got to be one of the treats of the year. The contrast of the browns and yellow against the mirrored lakes is breath taking. With the nights drawing in we start to focus our attention on Halloween and dare I say it Christmas! Ignoring the ‘C’ word for now; something that came up at Friars HQ today (over a salted caramel truffle) was where does the trick or treat tradition come from. After a lot of initial finger pointing... Read More


Cheese, Curry & Garlic Chocolates!!!!

Usually when we dream up a new chocolate recipe, there is no shortage of people willing to give the first batch a little taste test. However, there was a distinct lack of volunteers when it came to testing our new trick or treat chocolates.   The concept is that you get 8 chocolates which include lovely flavours such as caramel, praline and vanilla. Hidden within the box are chocolates that look exactly the same as the nice chocolates, however they are flavoured with garlic, cheese, chilli (and I mean really... Read More